Leader Post and the Riders

Although I am a displaced Rider Fan who now lives in Victoria BC, I admit how nice it is to be able to log in and follow the Riders in the Leader Post.

And, after watching Saturdays loss to the BC Lions and there 3rd string QB, I was particularely pleased to read the recent articles in the Leader Post about that game. Everything that the reporters are saying, and the fans who have written in to that paper are exactly true. Yes you can never be too harsh when criticizing what is going on in Rider Land.

I am so glad that the local paper is not merely sucking up to Rider management and is really sticking it to the Riders like they deserve it. The LP is reporting the following: Roy Shivers will not let go of Danny Barratt, and Danny Barratt will not let go of Neolon Greene…it is a sinking ship.

Thank-you Leader Post for your continued efforts in reporting the truth about what is going on in the Rider Nation.

Aye Capt… Clingons on the starboard Bow, sure seems like a sinking ship its extremely frustrating to know the Riders have the Nucleus, yet refuse to put out the best players… Since I love to play armchair coach heres what I would do

Start Crandell - The disease is the QB position, unless your defense is scoring touchdowns you aint gonna win many games scoring consistently in the teens.

Back to basics QB behind the center Keith and Szarka in the eye…now you just opened up the possiblities…Pitch out…fake pitchout counter to Holmes… short side pitch off tackle…screen to szarka… flair both backs… Dump pass…Run offtackle…HELL anything but up the Gut with Keith. you got a Bull moose back there doing nothing in Szarka

Get Rid of the Old Guys - has much as I like Moore & Benefield ther time has come…its time to put the talent and speed back into the package…hence start Holmes at slot and Fred Perry at rush end.

Thurman & RIchardson outside…these guys are hugh targets Richardson has proven he can play but only needs the chance…Thurman was wide open in the BC game but overthrown by 10yards. Bailey is consistent but These young guys have more potential.

Explain to Scott Gordon that theres more to playing safety than just trying to take someones head off rather than breaking up a play or being in position to make a play.

I was impressed with Riders Blitz packages in the BC game,with the young talent they had avaiable… Perry, Stancil and Jones looked Really good.
I think near the end of the game BC finally figured it out.

Riders are loaded with LB talent change up the 4-3 and go 3-4 sometimes…send 2 linebackers…send the safety and a linebacker…hell send the waterboy just dont get too predictable.

Dump sending only 3 lineman on second and long , only the Riders get consistently burnt on second & long because of this… bring the house !!..chances of making a longer pass with 2-3 defenders in your face are less than the QB standing back there all day with no pressure waiting for recievers to get open.

Ok ill put my headset down for now…:slight_smile:

Wow a coach with ideas...Dentor the Riders should pick you up - at this point anyone can do better!

I like your observations and you are so right about the predictability factor. Most definitly the opposing offences are figuring out our defensive scheme. But I tell you, if the Rider Defence wasn't always on the field it would be a lot harder to figure out what they are doing. That was partly the problem in the BC game where the 3rd stringer - with the help of the BC offensive coordinator - easily picked apart our defense late in the game.

To me this all could have been avoided if the Rider offense did either of the following:

  1. stayed on the field with sustained drives, and
  2. finished those drives with points.

Getting back to your comments Dentor...first things first - I agree, start Crandell.

Ok I feel pretty happy they implemented some of what I was saying, not all but some. :slight_smile:

Although Crandell did save Szarkas ASS near the goal line on that fumble....but it was still nice to see him get the ball