Just got the word he has died and just wanted to inform the team and fans about it. :cry:

What a shame

Thanks for everything Frankie

Hamilton has lost one if it's music icons.

Frank Kerr, better known as Teenage Head front man Frankie Venom passed away this morning.

For over 30 years Venom was the front man for Teenage Head.

The Bands first single Picture my face came out in 1978 and the may be most known for Their 1980 Album Frantic City.

Frankie Venom was 51


What a shame!

I remember Frankie and the boys visiting backstage with Thundermug back in late 1977 just before they scored their first record deal. They impressed me!

I always felt they were probably "a few years ahead" of their time.



Going to be missed!! A musical inspiration for myself. Long live the music of Teenage Head.

So with Frankie gone, what happens to the Tiger Town Grey Cup party?


God Bless you Frankie, keep on rock'n on the other side. :rockin:


RIP Frankie! Hamilton's best lead singer!

My guess would be that Dave Rave would be the lead singer. He was their lead singer in the late 80s before Frankie rejoined the group.

Although they were there a few year ahead of me, going to the same high school as the Head I always felt a connection to them. Plus I love their music.

RIP Frankie

He was a fan and real Hammer icon.

That concert last Grey Cup week will hold a special place for those that were there. It was a concert for the ages. It will be tough to find a replacement act for Montreal.


Sad news indeed...Frankie will be greatly missed

He put on a great show at last years Grey Cup...

RIP Frankie

A few photos from last years Grey Cup performance at Tigertown
(I can post a few more photos if anyone would like).

God speed Hombre...

Will never forget the Ontario Place concert where there was like 3 x the number of people that should have been there. Frankie just laughed...

Also remember standing with the boys at a 999 show that turned into a riot...

Ah...good times...good times...

Guessing Frankie and Joey fighting right now over the differences between hillbilly and speed punk...

The band were scheduled to play at the Fan Appreciation game against Calgary I believe as well as this years GC in Montreal. Like others have already posted last year's gig at Tigertown was probably the highlight of the GC festivities.

Frankie was one of the best front men ever. Not just a Hamilton icon but a Canadian one as well.

He will be missed immensley.

Condolences to his family, friends, bandmates and fans.

We really enjoyed them last year at the GC. A shame, condolences to his family and loved ones.

RIP, Frankie.

You will be missed. Teenage Head is a great band, and Frankie is a Hamilton Icon. I will always remember some of their songs like Let`s Shake, teenage beer drinking party, something on my mind.

A few photos from last years Grey Cup performance at Tigertown (I can post a few more photos if anyone would like).
Post 'em all Gore, post 'em all......


In 1983, Mohawk College had Teenage Head as the headliner for their orientation "Some Kinda Fun" concert. I had heard "Teenage Beer Drinking Party" and "Some Kinda Fun" but nothing else but went to the concert in the North Cafeteria (if I'm not mistaken) and had a great time.

RIP Frankie :frowning: