Le prochain DG

Bien que je préférerais que Popp se commette encore réellement envers l'équipe et revienne meilleur que jamais comme DG, puisqu'il semble qu'il se dirige vers une sortie plus que vers un retour, qui voyez-vous pour lui succéder?

Wich one is Lisa's mascot that Bob put his cigar through ? Is that Blitz or Touche ? Don't want to vote for the wrong

As Ive said before, despite my admiration for Popp, if he does not want to commit (hes the guy always saying he wants players that want to be in Montreal), then it is time to cut bait.

Two of my choices would be the Asst. GM`s in Calg. and Ott., John Murphy and Brock Sunderland, both of whom worked for the Als and Popp. It is difficult to know if Joey Abrams is ready, Popp keeps him in the background. I know Darren Gill thinks highly of him.

Sask. won the Grey Cup with Brendan Taman who frankly has never struck me as some sort of personnel guru, rather a guy that seems to have a lot of common sense.