Le dernier droit crucial

I repeat, why can't they do what Trestman did last year? The lack of options only speaks to their lack of ability.

They’ve already went with two playbooks this year and we are a little over the halfway mark. So I can see why they don’t want to subject the players to the insanity of asking them to absorb and execute a third one. Can they draw one up probably but executing it is another matter.

So we can’t even design one package of plays for a running QB to execute? That’s too much for the team to handle? They have time to install and practice stupid crap like flea-flickers in practice but they can’t draw up and implement an RB option and some screens and flares? I don’t buy it.

Well what did Arland say… Pick something and let’s go with it. Stop the QB musical chair…

Popp’s refusal to pull Marsh in the second Toronto game cost us that game. If he hadn’t pulled Neiswander early in the BC game, what would have been the result? And now, since Marsh appears to be injured, they’re starting Neiswander out of necessity. I respect Bruce as a player but don’t agree with his opinion. Who’s under centre should have no impact on drawing up some running plays and short-passing options.

Also, if what you’re saying is true, it’s again a testament to the coaches’ incompetence. Cannot see how you can defend the coaches on the one hand but then identify problems that are clearly the result of poor coaching on the other…:wink:

J’en suis venu à la conclusion que toute l’équipe d’entraîneurs à l’attaque sont des incapables. À tout le moins, ils le sont collectivement, mais je crois que même individuellement, ils le sont aussi.

Le bobo il est là.

Alors qu’on mette Smith, Neiswander, Marsh, Calvillo ou Peyton Manning sur le terrain, ça va foirer.

Les Alouettes ont leur sort entre leurs mains avec 5 parties contre leurs rivaux de division, inch Allah! Disons simplement qu’ils ne sont pas encore morts.

I expect such plays exist in the playbook, but who is under centre has a huge amount to do witht he execution of plays and the confidence with which a team plays. Anyone can hand off the ball, but if the QB can’t complete passes the D can overload on the run. AS for short passing game, if the QB can’t establish some success with the long pass the D can sit on the short pass once a play is identified as a run. Football is a game of execution and rhythm is an important part of that. Rotating QBs never allows the QB and the team to establish that rhythm.

And if the QB can’t make the short passes and go through his reads, the D can sit on the long routes, spy the QB with a linebacker, and wait for him to throw a pick or get sacked.

Football is a game of execution and rhythm is an important part of that. Rotating QBs never allows the QB and the team to establish that rhythm.
Once again, I never said we should rotate QBs. But giving Smith a [i]series or two[/i] once per game will not disrupt Marsh's rhythm, especially when Marsh is doing squat and not moving the ball and seeing things from the bench might actually help him. Coaching a rookie QB is a lot different from coaching a veteran. Veterans need rhythm more than rookies and a poor start to a game is less likely to persist if you leave them in, because they'll eventually adjust. Leaving a young QB in to get pounded when he can't deal with what the enemy defense is doing is akin to leaving a goalie in a game after he's given up 8 goals. It saps confidence, rather than building it.

Popp not happy with the Als offense. Duh!! Seems to be throwing Berry under the bus. But he does like Smith`s arm.

[url=http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/football/201309/19/01-4690914-jim-popp-insatisfait-de-lattaque.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_B9_football_424_section_POS1]http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/football/ ... ction_POS1[/url]

Why the Duh!! ?

I see a HC who is honest and aware. He mentions the same things we have been here all season.

Lack of commitment to a balanced attack. (Only games we won were those where we ran the ball consistantly)
Lack of clarity in the playbook (Apache mentions this today)

Not knocking Popp, just that he is commenting on something that has been obvious to all of us.

I get it… That’s a good thing.