Le contrat d'Alan-Michael Cash est renouvelé

Les Alouettes ont renouvelé le contrat d'Alan-Michael Cash pour 3 ans.

Cash est un joueur intéressant en ce qu'il peut jouer toutes les positions de la ligne défensive. Espérons qu'il pourra poursuivre sa progression.

Haven’t been that impressed with him, but he’s still relatively young. Hopefully he can develop into a game-breaker this coming year.

We had a great defensive team last season and were quite high in the QB sack standings. Rookie Klassen will hopefully become a fixture in that defensive line.

They are asked to cause chaos and clog the middle why we blitz the smaller guys. I think they played really well. Except for the fourth quarter in Hamilton.

Hamilton had one of the top-ranked offenses in the league. To expect our D to do more than they did in the ESF is unrealistic IMO. We held Hamilton to 19 points! No other team in the playoffs kept the Cats under 20 points and we still lost. With a veteran offense run by Burris and coached by a great duo of offensive football minds (Austin and Condell), you are not going to be able to pitch a shutout in a playoff game. Not a chance. They will have their scoring drives. Unfortunately for us, our offense and special teams (as was the case the entire season) couldn't come through in the clutch.

I agree and if we had a coach and an OC worth a damn, we'd have ran the ball and controlled the clock.

Yup. Losing that playoff game was incredibly frustrating, because it was there for the taking. Granted, I think we'd have gotten blown out by the Argos, because we matched up really poorly against them in 2013, but still...