LDCs are killing me

we're back!!

didn't get out to regina untill saturday, instead of friday .. whatever - this trip has almost killed me like 5 times over. great game - regardless of the outcome.

heading to mcmahon stadium right now. Two labour day classics in 24 hours ..


where do you get all this money to travel? and if your trvaelling all the time, how do you get time to post on this message board?

What business is it of yours where he get the money to travel?

all this money? I work, you clown. Driving to Regina split between myself, my wife, and best friend .. pretty damn expensive .. I think this trip almost cost me 350 bucks total and the majority of that cost was beverages and two nights in a hotel. a lifetimes worth of savings.

I live downtown Calgary, so the train takes 5 minutes to McMahon.. if my wife would ever get out of the washroom we'd be there already .. heh. kickoff is in like 15 minutes.


its my business, because i run this forum, and im the president of football development of North America.

You do huh?

I think the admins would say differently

President of BS North America for sure as most of your posts would show!

im also on the board of directors for miami hurricanes football team boosters association. I also run football camps in western new york, miami, and alabama, i was also the former quarterbacks coach at alabama a & m.

uh huh

Must be a busy guy....I'm surprised, then, considering your hectic schedule, that you have time to troll in CFL internet forums.....

i use my laptop, which is the new toshiba laptop. I run the camps only in the spring time. Plus at the office i enjoy discussing football with other fans to gauge their interest.

All that from Toronto huh?

LDC's are always fun to watch MAN QUACK QUACK

Dear God! We have another McMahon Liar!!!

don't ever put me into the same category as that two-faced liar, i aint affliated to mcmahon, and if you want to come to my football camps, just go to the alabama A & m website and ill hook you up, but there is no need to be jealous and criticize me.

listen , i do those jobs at different times, they are all seasonal jobs, i dotn work 5 jobs at once, so calm down.

BS is still BS!

stop wasting space on the forum, if you dont like, dont reply, and dont read,its clear im the king of this board, and everybody is jealous of my greatness, but jealousy doesnt help you.

Well, you're the king of something.....

King of the forum huh?
Then lets see you fix this

Good use of that god like power :lol: :lol: