LDC Predictions

Unfortunately, I think Winnipeg gets their first win since 2004 in the LDC.

WBB 34 - Riders 17.

I would have to agree that the odds are strongly in the favor of the Bombers bucking the trend. I will say 38-27

Winnipeg - 30
Riders - 19

Big win by the Riders. New attitude = New result. 44-38.

Definitely a Riders win - 32-24

Yeah, the thing is that we all know the Riders SHOULD lose this game, but I am actually getting that same gut feeling when the Riders played Montreal in Montreal…that weird preminition of an upset.

Riders in a blowout. 55-5. Swaggerville will run home with their tail between their legs this week

i am assuming that is an attempt to be funny.

Riders 35, Winterpig 24.

I'll let you know by 1:59pm tomorrow..

I'm nervous but I will see how the attitude for the Rider Players and staff is before I say.

Well it wasnt quite a 55 to 5, but still a blowout nontheless

Well i thought it would be closer. And not a blowout by the Green Machine. :lol:

yes, but still 1/2 that total