LDC - GDT TiCat Vs Arblows

It's been while since I visited or posted, so why not come back for the best game of the year..

Go Cats!!!

Kick off in 70 minutes

Hi all!


Finally some football to bitch about.

;D ;D

Kick off is up....

Missed a couple of games last month but I'm here hoping to see the Ticats come out with a win for a change!

Seems like months since our last game, after all the stuff that's happened recently.

Great job on the National anthem.....

I think the fireworks startled her. She giggled a little bit when they happened. It was cute.

for 10 years old, she did fantastic, even with the giggle :slight_smile:

Nice to see TSN has the audio nailed down :-\


Here we go two weeks off and still can't get plays in on time

Andre is the ref. We've lost.

Oh boy, here we go

good start with the time count violation ........sigh

And.... Masoli is picked....

Not a very good omen IMO

Wow, what a start by The Saviour Masoli... ::slight_smile:

Offence picked up right where we left off.