LDC Game Thread

Since no one else has started it, here it is…

Go Cats!!

let’s cheer our cats on to a win. We can do this.

Hi all

hello, a win would be nice to cap off the week end

Leonard, Bennett and Carter are Reserves. Not sure who the second is for TOR.

Evenin All

Kick off coming up!!

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

Well, sadly Rod Black is calling this game!

The double blue…wearing all white

Blew goes 2 and out… nice job D!

1st down Saunders!

Stripe on the helmet! Nice!

3rd &1… No shotgun!!

For the first time in JJ’s tenure, Masoli lined up under centre on short yardage…

Two slips by Banks already. He may have to change his footwear.

Cats marching the ball easily!

Green, and add the facemask … SWEET!!

This pleased me



Great start to this game, on both sides of the ball.