LDC - Game Day

Off to a rough start. Down 10-0 and not a first down by the O.

Streveler looks completely lost as does Augustine. Big Chris has thrown an INT already. Augustine has no clue that he needs to block sometimes. Lapo with the bizarre play calling. Where is the screen pass package? Did our Oline make the trip to Regina?

Explosive run by Augustine leads to a TD throw by Big Chris! Whooo!

We desperatly needed that…

Sure did. I am getting tired of the officiating already. They’re holding on every play.

They sure don’t mind calling holding on us though.

Bighill absolutely tackled in clear sight of everyone in the stadium. No call.

There’s just a ton of holding by the Riders not being called. Out right mauling and tackling .

Streveler seems to be settling in a bit…That was a solid drive for 3 at the end.

It’s ridiculous.I imagine that’s why Osh was giving them an earful at the end

O’Shea doing what I hoped he’d do. Let’s see if it pays off in the second half because the officiating was dreadfully one sided in that first half.

Streveler is a pure beast!

Really? 6 penalties to 4 is “dreadfully one sided” to you?

Absolutely. I saw, easily, 6 or 7 obvious penalties by the Riders that weren’t called.

I think this is the best game of the year. . . two defences both playing lights out. Hall and Shivers sure earned their paycheques this week.

Streveler is in !!!

Are we witnessing the birth of a CFL QB?

He has settled down from a pretty shakey start… He’s starting to look like a CFL QB now.

Now can our D hold?

That’s disappointing; the D was so terrific all game, and just couldn’t come up with one last stop. What a shame.