LDC - Evil Incarnate at Sweetness & Light GT, Mon. Sept 1

hate to say this but this one has an Argos blowout written all over it. Our starting QB hasn't played in half a season. I can't believe our backup QB is still on the roster. Argos are starting to get back all their injured players.

look out.

I never pick against the Cats and I am not starting today. Masoli will play well, with a lot of running. And there will be a big assist from Madu.

Berman is picking the Cats...

Bob Young ?@CaretakerBob 4m
Chia Boomer Berman of ESPN predicts 24-18 #Ticats #CFL

Next to winning the Grey Cup, beating the Argos is second best ! Go Cats Go !!!

Let the Rod Black drinking game begin


WOW... the Cats dressing room looks awesome!!!

It's nice to see Hamilton get a great stadium, the Cats deserve it.

As a former survivor (read live witness) of both IWS locker rooms…it is great the team is in the 21st century for amenities!

Oski Wee Wee,


Well we might be saddled with Rod Black announcing :roll: but at least we WON’T have Andre Proulx on the field officiating :slight_smile:

Agreed!! :thup: :thup: :thup: Must be at least 3x bigger than the old one (just a guess of course).

Didn't think it was fair that Bob Young was hit with the "tax payer" question by Brian Williams. Poor Bob Young. As I have said many times before, I wonder how often he looks in the mirror and thinks, "God help me but I wish I had never bought this team."


GO CATS!!!!!

IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to pummel the pansy blew team

Great Stadium Osee WeeWee!!!


Cats recover!!!!


Good Start


you gotta catch those!!!!

3 for Medlock.

Good thing we have the wind in the 2nd and 4th...