LDC Early Trash Talk (Rider Fans Welcome)

Gotta have one here too.

Even if they shitcan us Sunday, we still have 3 times as many wins as they do.

and 2.5 x more GC'S :smiley:

No then it would be 2 times more.

Yea but the last one Bomber fans couldn't even fax there pleasure to their colleagues. They would have had to rotary dial their phones to share in the celebration. :lol: :lol: :lol:

lol taleback, edit that before someone else see's it 3 x 1 = 3 and after the banjo bowl it will be 4 x 1 = 4

I remember the days of Bud Grants Bombers when we used to go into Regina ,and the players in the dressing room would look at each other and say...' how many points do we want to beat these jokers by in this one'...Oh for the return of a club that was half as good as those clubs back in the day... Now most Bomber fans would be happy with just a squeaker of a win :lol: Oh how the mighty have fallen....25 years and counting for a Cup win :thdn: :thdn: ....Hope the guys leave it all on the field tomorrow and I guess that's all we can hope for...GOBIGBLUE,,

Let's go Bombers, don't let Owen become homeless.


Yes on Sunday the Riders will SKOOK the Blue Bombers :rockin:

All I ask is for it to not be a snoozer (actually I wouldn't mind a snoozer if we win :wink: )

And we've had WAAAY more quarterbacks lately: Glenn, Dinwiddie, Lefors, Bishop, Jyles, Pierce, Hall, Elliott, Brink, Goltz, Willy, Brohm, Marve...

(Am I doing this wrong?)