LD Rematch P-B-P Thread

As Grover posted earlier, Ted Laurent is a scratch due to a family emergency.
Capicotti and Westerman will start at DE, with Nikita Whitlock starting in Teddy’s position.

Carter will play, but not start, for the blew team. Mr Carter, meet Mr Breaux Sr.

I’m interested to see if Breaux: a) is healthy, b) stays on the corner or shifts his assignment depending upon the Argo receiver set.

Strange call on second and seven. . .

Breaux is okay and hopefully stays that way throughout the game.
And as I type Green is stopped on his 2nd down try to make it a 2 and out for our guys. TO obviously going to concentrate on stopping him. First round to them but ti's early

And Breaux with his first tackle! Stopped them short!

Hoping for some posts from fans in the stands.

Does that mean they're playing a man down? I thought they were two over for internationals, which would mean two internationals and Laurent all not dressed.

Not a big fan of the first two play calls. Looks like they’re coming out timidly…

Agree - rather see them pass than try to get the yards on the run but Green has been successful in gaining yards.

Moot point as our D has kept the boatmen to a 2 and out too! Great plays by DB and Unamba!

He made a good tackle, so I would say he's OK...

Three great tackles in a row. . . Johson on the punt return, Breaux on first down, and Unamba on second down

Masoli getting a lot of love on the TV

Makes me happy. He plays tough and if he had to slow that down his effectiveness would drop precipitously.


Ummmm… TASKER!

Nice snag and run by Mike Jones! Yes, I really said that!

Belive it or not I was NOT referring to the prior post...which was entirely more clever than mine

They’re starting Capicciotti, Westerman, Whitlock and (senior moment - forgetting the fourth) Neill I think with just 2 back ups (McGough and Richardson). Not as big a problem with it being a cooler day.

Still have a full roster but had to make some changes due to the ratio.

Go for it

Gord Miller on PBP, and Hank on colour commentary.

Hank already has taught me some things from a QB’s perspective.

Establishing the run to set up the pass - and Tasker is “getting 'er done”! ;D