lD. HODGE show and his ignorant reporters got to go,

CFL knockers and GREY Knockers Dave Hodge and his reporters ARE THE most ignorant sports people on TV. They got to go and TSN are to blame. They allow them to continue to knock the CFL and the Grey Cup in TORONTO people STILL don`t care About the CFL and the agros and want the NFL and that the NFL will kill the argos and the CFL.

         I hOPE DAVE Hodge and is ignorant reporters are happy along with all the Toronto people who want the NFL and didn`t support the Argos on Sunday.

How are those ESL classes going?

They don't a peer to be make king a big difrentz. :wink:

Dave Hodge has a grudge I think against the CFL for them letting him go. He clearly wants to piss off the CFL faithful and try to prove to everyone how much he knows and how much better he is.. Which of course is a bunch of crap!