LD Classic the most-watched regular season game in history!

the CBC currently pays $4million per year for TFC rights, and we all know they are drawing flies for ratings.

i'd say $40 million per season for each CFL season is fair.

Let's not start this again...

So you want a broadcaster that wouldn't show all the games and has shown lack of commitment to the league before it finally lost the CFL tv rights ?

the CBC currently pays $4million per year for TFC rights...
If true, then TFC earns about 3 times as much from their TV rights as CFL teams do? Teams earn about $1.5 million from the CFL TV contract. TFC is lucky to get 150,000 viewers, the CFL is averaging closer to 800,000 per game.

By contrast, according to B. Dowbiggen of the G&M, NFL teams earn over $140 million each year from the TV contracts. NFL ratings are generally lower than the CFL ratings.


I have no particular love for the CBC but what they did in the past and what they would do in the future is not necessarily the same. And the way for the CFL to ensure that the past cannot repeat itself is to ensure that things such as "show all the games" is a term of the contract. Basic contractual principles, really.

That's a load of crap. The CBC was the best friend this league has had for over 50 years of broadcasting. Don't forget, it was CTV that unceremoniously dumped the CFL back in the 80's which forced the creation of the CFN, a network that cost this league a ton of money to operate. And this only broadcasting after Labour Day nonsense lasted for what, two or three seasons in a deal that was negotiated with TSN. The last few seasons before the CFL unceremoniously dumped them, they were doing games right from week one. TSN is doing a fine job, but I still say it was a major mistake to go exclusively with a cable broadcaster. Imagine what the ratings would be if some of these games were shown on an over the air broadcaster to a wider audience. They would be even better than they are now. I want them back and you had better hope they do come back if you want to see an increase in revenue because I don't see anyone else sitting down at the negotiating table. If it is just TSN, they are going to have all the cards and you can kiss you substantial increase in TV revenue good bye.

If CBC wants a piece of the CFL they have to make big changes in their presentation. I was so happy to say goodbye to CBC's bland representation of the CFL a few years ago. I think TSN has out done CBC in every way. Maybe it's because they are able to have professional commentators on the show - I don't know exactly what it is. I believe TSN is partly responsible for the CFL's increase in popularity.

CBC, only did games after Labour day and never covered every game when they had exclusive rights ! So you may see your team play or not ???? Very Dependable and committed :roll: :roll: With TSN , your team is on the road, your not worried if the game will be televised, but where to watch the game ! With the Blackouts being lifted more often, now. You will see home games as well ! Every Major city has tsn on basic cable and almost every little town. With satellite and internet, if you can't get TSN , you have bigger problems to worry about ! CBC chose to do a half assed job and was punished for it !

CBC may have supported the league for a long time, but they fell short in coverage in recent years where TSN stepped up to the plate. TSN's coverage has made CBC's pale in comparison and I don't miss CBC at all.

Who knows if this is a reasonable dollar figure.
You and I previously stated how the next TV contract negotiations should start at $25M per year, but I am wondering if the “auction” for the TV rights should not start at $50M per year?
Regardless and as much as the league wants to stay with TSN, there has to be actual negotiations with more then one party this time.

as i previously said; CBC pays $4Million per year to TFC to broadcast their games, which usually bring in 57,000 views a game ( which is pathetic ).

that is NOT $4 million to broadcast ALL MLS games. its just ONE team.

that said, $40 Million per year for ALL CFL games, which are averaging 15X the ratings of TFC sounds pretty reasonable to me.

assuming ottawa has a team by 2013 ( the time this current tv deal is up ) , each of the 9 teams can pocket $4million each, with the league getting $4 million to cover their own expences.

now if it is CBC, TSN or sportsnet, in doesnt really matter if the contract has clauses and terms, such as all games must be aired, and aired in HD, and has pre-game shows and post-game shows, and esentially is broadcasted and promoted to a level of standard the CFL can live with.

i'd hope, if they stick with TSN, they negotiate to have a 'game of the week' aired on CTV, as well as the Grey Cup and playoff games, thus increasing exposure.

Agreed, in addition to getting much more money, the other crucial factor must include the playoffs and GC on the main network, like CTV if TSN resigns.

Thanks for pointing out that obvious fact that seems lost to some here. Most Leagues have standards clauses in their TV deals that prevent networks from cheaping-out on production values. Obviously this was not in place with the CBC in the past, but this does not mean it can't be done in the future. To never again consider a network who you could use as a bargaining chip at the absolute least seems a little harsh and foolhardy

Gotta say, I really hope that the CFL keeps CBC out of the mix. At most, use them as a bid inflation tool, but please, please, PLEASE don't let those incompetent government employees damage the league again.

Of course, I may be a bit biased, as I disagree with the very existence of CBC on principle. It's just not fair that one company gets government subsidies and can lose as much money as it wants, while all the other companies have to actually make money for their shareholders. (same goes for Air Canada, but that's off topic...)

If the games go to CBC, I go to the internet or radio.

Difference being is that CBC is there to bring TV and radio broadcasting for free to anywhere population exists in Canada. The private companies do not have that mandate.