LD Classic the most-watched regular season game in history!

TSN announced Tuesday that its telecast of Sunday's Labour Day Classic from Mosaic Stadium was the most-watched regular-season CFL game in TSN history.

According to the network, the Saskatchewan Roughriders' 27-23 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers attracted 1.34 million viewers. The numbers were collected from preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada.

Sunday's game also delivered the highest regular-season average audience on record for a CFL game since 1994. The network said audience levels peaked at 2.1 million viewers at 4:59 p.m., Regina time, with the Blue Bombers driving into the Saskatchewan end with 21 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

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No surprise, someone was on here was yammering on about Tor Ham the real labour day classic :roll: Not even close !

I wonder how many even bothered to watch the "REAL" LDC in Hamilton... :lol: :lol:

I have three words..

I LOVE IT! :rockin:

this proves without a shadow of a doubt.

Excellent! I know I watched it.

it PEAKED at 2.1 million, but averaged 1.34 million

1.34 million views is the official number.

when we post the weekend ratings, it will say 1.34M, not 2.1M.

so compare the hamilton/toronto number to 1.34M

I watched Mtl/BC, Tor/Ham and Edm/Cal. Had better stuff to do than watch Ssk/Wpg.

edit-- gotta fess up... only watched half of Edm/Cal... c'mon, can you blame me? 8)

Those are some pretty impressive numbers.
And the league that is supposedly "dying" according to some keeps on trucking...

Go CFL!!

Me too Earl. :thup: I enjoyed both the Winn/Sask. and Tor/Ham tilts.

With numbers like these, TSN is absolutely stealing the broadcast rights at the price they are currently paying. Hopefully this will change in the next round of bargaining.

When is the TV contract up again?

If it wasn't for TSN the league would be dead ! They didn't have to do every game and give the league the most exposure it's ever had ! I'm sure the league and TSN will hammer out something that is fair ! Or we could go back to CBC and hope your team gets televised or wait until Labour day for CBC to start broadcasting games ? Please don't mention Roger's or the Score ! They're to busy promoting the NFL coming to Toronto or arguing who the 17 th ranked u.s. college team is !

That's all fine and dandy (and accurate), but the network has been repaid that favor by way of grossly underpaying for the current contract so its hightime for that to change.

Yes TSN should pay more, but not walk in and demand some ridiculous number that isn't reasonable ! I think the league is smart enough to get it right ?

Proves what?

2012, but I think TSN has an option for 2013.

I'm pretty sure that the CFL has been very happy with TSN and will want to continue with them as a partner. I'm also sure TSN is prepared to pony up. There will also be competition from other networks, notably CBC.

That Saskatchewan has the best fans and is god's gift to the CFL?

CBC :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
CBC , didn't do games until Labour day ! If you want half assed commitment, than that's your horse !

Proves what?
That Saskatchewan has the best fans and is god's gift to the CFL?
But maybe it was the Winnipeg fans that were responsible.

The Lions vs Als game drew over 900,000 TSN viewers on Friday...which is a terrific rating with only one English-based city. Cohon said the game could have drawn as many as 900,000 viewers on the French RDS also.

There really hasn't been a poorly viewed game yet this year. Average is way up over last year, and when you consider the game wasn't that exciting on Sunday it really says a lot.