LD classic and the rematch! best week in sports!

Im so excited. live for this time of year!!! Lets go stamps, kick em when they are down! I hope the place is packed!

My prediciton for game 1 is 43-20 stamps.
game 2 is -35-27 stamps.

Best memory ever! Watching the stamps return a missed two point convert all those years ago when ben sankey was the QB. anyone else have a LD memory or LD rematch memory?

My predictions are off the wall, never comes true
Game 1 = 38-19 Calgary
Game 2 = 26-20 Edmonton

Backer my evil nemisis! how did i knwo you would be posting about labour day? LOL give me a nice LD or rematch memory! like all those games marshall used to run over us in the fourth quater!

O.K.you asked for it, in fun however.
2008 LDC game at McMahon; 37-16 Edmonton
2006 return match at Commonwealth; 35-26 Edmonton

that game in 2008... that was the turing point/low point in the stamps season that year. the woopin you gave us turned us around.

Last years series will stick out for a while as the werst of the labour day matches.

LDC 31-20 Stamps, Lewis is a beast… Burris and Rambo score early and often, score flatters the eskimos.

Rematch 28-26 Stamps, Peredes kicks game winning FG, Commonwealth stadium is unbolted and sold for scrap.

This IS the best week! Long weekend, and we get to watch our beloved team twice before next weekend.


I’d be buying a ticket right now if I was anywhere near Calgary.