I see Ottawa is sporting the LCF logo on their helmets.

Your point?


Well, you either see this as good or bad - otherwise why post the thread?

If you were indifferent to it, then you would have forgotten about it.

The Rouge Et Noir D'Ottawa market bilingually in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

Announcements in the stadium are made in both languages, They maintain team websites in both languages ( - so it doesn't surprise me that on some of their equiment it is the French version of the league logo.

If that is the case then put both logos on the helmets. In my opinion, it is disrespectful to English Canadians that a team in our nation's capital displays only the French logo

There's the anti-french BS I was expecting.

This is a football forum, not a show how backward and intolerant you are contest.

'LCF' is on the back of their helmet. 'CFL' is on the front of their jersey. Bilingually perfectly balanced for the nation's capital.

To add to that...

English doesn't need equal representation because it's already the dominant language by far. I believe that the French and the Native population deserve more language and culture representation. Our nation was created by the British working in unison with the French and Natives, and their languages and cultures always get buried under ours. I think that's BS.

I'm a British-Canadian BTW, not a Francophone.

Can't we just go back to snickering at how lame the name "Redblacks" is?

Question for the original poster. Would you have thought it just as ‘disrespectful’ if they only had ‘CFL’ on their uniform and no ‘LCF’ anywhere?

Rouge et Noir does have a better ring to it to me - but I wonder if a Francophone would agree.

Consider glancing at the OP's posting history before you decide whether its worth your time to bother engaging him directly.

Anyone wanna guess the over/under on how many days until this thread gets locked?

You're an Idiot-Canadian, that much I know.

The Official Languages Act (French: Loi sur les langues officielles) is a Canadian law that came into force on September 11, 1972,[1] which gives English and French equal status in the government of Canada.

But your rants in the past have extolled the virtues of the Liberal Party, so I'm sure you're all in favour of changing the lyrics of our National Anthem.

Keep virtue signaling you soppy wet "British-Canadian".

Sorry, but until a Boing or equivalent Airliner lands in Montreal under French instruction (rather than English) I consider you are incorrect.

I grant the point that I live in Hamilton, where you'd be as well off speaking Italian or Croation, or, with the proximity to Oshweken, perhaps some "native" language. But English is the language we speak.

A bunch of beans and political correctness, and needs no place in the CFL.

Paint whatever you like on your helmets, my Cats will take you down.

Yes. I think all teams should have both logos on their helmets along with the Canadian flag.

Nice revisionist history there. And you have "canadian" (without a capital C, so disrespectful) in your name.

The British defeated the French in New France wayyyyy back in the 1760's. Google " 8 September 1760". Or, the Plains of Abraham for that matter. Both the French and the English had significant scrapes with the Indigenous population. The French tried extermination. The English eventually made friends. Perhaps you should read a history book before you spout off.

It's interesting to me how tolerant you make yourself out to be, unless someone disagrees with you. Then, "tolerance be damned! Anyone who doesn't agree is a racist bigot misogynist sexist."

Virtue signalling indeed.

I am a pilot working in an airline operation and have flown extensively in Quebec. While English is the international standard for air traffic communication, all the flight controllers in Quebec are bilingual and where there is no confusion posed, a francophone controller or flight service specialist will communicate with a francophone pilot in French.

Many Boeings have landed at YUL under French instruction.

OK....I hate the name...sounds like it was suggested by some school kids.

The French that stayed here, after being defeated by the British, were largely very cooperative with the British, and were instrumental in creating the nation of Canada. As for the natives... the ones on both sides of the border helped us win the war of 1812, and just 55 years later Canada was born. Facts.