LCF is not Ligue Canadienne Francaise

Let me tell you when I heard the great CFL analyst guess what LCF meant. I mean, after being on national TV for years, they were not even to the level of your model and clown D cherry, they thought it meant "Ligue Canadienne Francaise". I mean I am a hard core cfl fan and my team is the Alouettes. But it seams that anywhere they play (except in Montreal stadium) the Als get all the booh there is and all the bad press (or no press at all) in fact I watched the CBC pre game show and they were talking much more about the Hamilton Tiger Cats than the Als. I mean no disrespect to the Hamilton peolple but us being in the final game again should erventually bring us some recognition. And beleive me I am not one of those hard core francophone, just a hard core CFL or "LCF" fan, and beleive me, it is hard t0 keep the spirit...

on RDS, dont they focus more on the Als?

i think the media focused more on the lions this week cuz noone gave montreal a chance...polls showed 85% expected BC to win, and 50% of those said BC by 10 or more.

And I'm sure if you ask BC fans they will say they did not pay enough attention to their team. Its all perspective

Ho come on, get real....

On the contrary, i think you should be the one who should "Get Real"