I am new to the board this year, so let me say hello. I noticed that the team has alot of LBs. I have also been reading that some think a possible 3-4 defense could occur. My question is with all of the LBs who starts and where? Also, if we play a 3-4 the fourth LB could be a converted S. I know Winborne, who just signed, played DB. Would he be a possibility or would the team use someone they already have?

Thanks for the information/opinions. Hope to have a good year.

Welcom bigs, those are very good questions and as fan our opinions are worth just that an opinion...but here is mine.

The Als defense last year started down a new path with a new coordinator and a big part of the Als D is missdirection.
Formation, position mean little, it is all based on assignments, every guy on the field can be asked to convert after the snap. LB's will take a small zone deep while the safety comes up the gap, on the next play the safety will fake running up and drop back.

The Als have a crazy numbers of DB's and LB's at camp, most of the guys they are bringing in are bigger and known as punishing hitters but for example do they "use" a John Abbate as a rush end disguised as a LB ??? The Als seem like they want to get bigger but they can't lose the speed. Very interesting camp for sure on defense. Some of us think there will be at least some 3-4 formations if they plan to use Very large Linebackers. Als best DB is also recovering from a major injury so this could account for the large numbers of DB's, maybe Randy Drew's status is a concern.

It is always a great season in the CFL

Thanks for the info HfxTC. Camp should be pretty interesting with all of the competition.

It is the deepest and most talented training camp. I've seen in Montreal ever, maybe anywhere in the CFL.

For example on the Oline if Woodruff wins a starter's job. It will be the biggest Oline ever seen in the CFL at an average of 6,5" 315 pounds.

Only position where no new blood is being brought in is at Running Back and Kicker.

Let's hope everybody makes it out without any serious injuries.

Shey Emry was drafted last year by the Als after 3 years in the NCAA and one in the CIS. It seems to me that he did make a contribution with the speal teame. He is fast, can hit and weight around 220. Can someone give me an appraisal of his chances of becoming a starting middle linebacker this year?

It's only his second year. I figure they'll use him on defense sparingly when the score permits it or if there is an injury but he probably needs another year. He definitely has a shot.

The other interesting thing with all the LBs is who'll be the defensive captain. In years gone by, it was Tim Strickland getting the calls from the bench. I wonder how much latitude the D will have to audible in response to an offensive formation they don't like or against which the called D will not be effective.

Kelly is doing the same thing in Winnipeg. Most of the new LB's & DB's he has brought in are tweeners that can move in and out of pass coverage. He credits the Als for coming up with this style last season and plans on doing the same.

Sorry man but tweeners were there way before Trestman, Matthews brought that type with Argos and Esk. Think Strickland.

No official confirmation but,based on the Als roster, Cam Hall has been released/deleted. I know that he was hurt for a few days; may have been released but could be added on Injury list,once he clears waivers. Could also be gone for good.

In other news,according to Globe and Mail,Dahrran Diedrick has been accused of sexual assault with a knive; explains why he was away for a day earlier this week.


I can see how that wasn't very clear.

One play, your SAM LB might line up at safety and the next he's at HB, just to confuse the qb.


....double yikes......IF this is true....makes Taylors indiscretions pale in comparison....what da ya think hfxtc.... :roll:

Well I am not going to comment at this point for ONE reason, The Globe appears to have retracted the article and no other media is willing to make a statement other then to post that the Globe is making such claims. Keep in mind that this league currently has a GM. Eric Tillman who is still working with charges of sexual assault on his back. There is a difference between a charge and a conviction or guilty ruling...

...can you pull up that retraction by the Globe hfxtc....that would clear things up mightily.... :wink:

I've tried to pull the article up and I get a 404 or a similar error message from the various access. I haven't been able to read the said article yet. If someone has a working link that would be cool.

OH NO! Can the Alouettes end up like the Habs this year!! Please god no!!!!

You know Papa it is hard to "pull" a story that has been REMOVED from the site. The article existed, it no longer exists and it wasn't on long enough to be spidered. Meaning there is probably some wrong information in the article. Some say a knife was involved others say a gun...

.....YIKES.....I hate these stories and what it does to the CFLS' Image.....You can't just make them go away..the facts have to be faced, if in fact, they carry any credibility........hopefully there's nothing to it....we can only hope????? :oops:

Here is an official comment on the situation from Herb at the Montreal Gazette

Link: ... fault.aspx

A Toronto police officer, commenting on a story in Saturday's edition of the Globe and Mail, has confirmed that Alouettes' running back Dahrran Diedirck has been charged with sexual assault.

Staff-Sgt. Edward Tymburski told The Snap Diedrick was charged with sexual assault with a weapon and threatening death against a woman who's known to the player. The incident, according to Tymburski, took place in early June, just before the Als' training camp began in St. Jean.

Diedrick left camp for one day earlier last week, returning to Toronto to tend to a personal matter, according to the team. Upon his return, Diedrick refused to discuss what forced him to leave the team and be suspended. He appeared in court on June 9 and was released on bail.

Diedrick refused comment on Saturday, but has continued practising with the Als since his return to the team. The 30-year-old is entering his fourth season with Montreal. He broke into the CFL with Edmonton, in 2005. He's 6-feet and weighs 226.

The Als are also reluctant to discuss the incident while it remains before the courts, according to team president Larry Smith.

"There's not a lot to say," Smith told The Snap. "We'll let the process play itself out. The case is in its infancy. There will be various stages. He has to be proven to be (guilty) before we judge him."

If "Everything matters" his chances of making the team are now ZERO at least in my opinion...