LBJ signed 3 Years

as per RDS

Great news! A few weeks back, I expected the Als to re-sign potential free agents, particularly Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, Josh Bourke, Marc- Olivier Brouillette, Shea Emry,Kyries Hebert and Billy Parker, before the end of 2013. I was beginning to have doubts that it would happen.

With the re-signing of Luc Brodeur-Jourdain for three more years, I now have confidence that a few more re-signings will occur before the end of 2013.


I didn't expect that many. Popp said he was hoping to extend five or six. So far Cash,Smith,Marsh,JBJ... So there might be one or two more before the end of the year. If there is an 2013 money left.

Of those left I would think now that LBJ is signed securing Bourke will be the primary goal that would keep the Oline in tact

That is a good question. Als had a fair number of non-9 game IR injuries. Wish the CFL was transparent about its salary cap. Only things I can think of, besides pure and simple paranoia, is that (1) the low-revenue teams are concerned that their fans would pressure them to spend to the cap or (2) too many teams are over the cap and the CFL doesn't want the players to know how much money is really available.

Very true the Als are one of the few teams that have a very minimal amount of players on the one game IR. Sometimes 1 or 2 and sometimes none. So they could indeed have cap space especially with Florey, Woodruff, Richardson, and AC all spending most of the season on the 9 game.
Lets see if Bourke will be next with the money available for a signing bonus upfront

There is no doubt in my mind that the Als have plenty of cap space in 2013; as I wrote a month or so ago, the fact that the Als had so many top players on the 9 game injured list, has enabled them to save at least $366,000 in the 2013 regular cap.max.of $4.4 millions.

These players on 9 game injured list did cost the Als much more than anticipated; for a while,players on the 9 game injured list had salaries of no less than $1.2 millions.

As I wrote, the Als have plenty of dollars available on the 2013 regular cap. The only question is: Will Mr Wetenhall allow the GM/Jim Popp to use some of these funds by giving signing bonuses to our top players? I am sure that Luc Brodeur-Jourdain has received a good signing bonus and it's entitled. Will Marc-Olivier, Josh.Kyries, Billy and Shea be the next ones? We will know in the next 4 days.

Given the certain retirement of Anthony, the retirement of Andrew Woodruff and possibly of Scott Flory, there will be more funds available in 2014; furthermore, the League should increase the max. cap by no less than $400,000 and as much as $600,000 in 2014.

The future is bright.


WOW That really is a lot of $$$ avaialble for signing bonuses so could expect to see these deals get knocked out one by one.
AC really needs to make a decision. At this point it appears the Als are ready to move forward with Troy Smith.
The Als could always reward him Handsomely with a cushy consultant job with a nice salary for his time served with the club and would not be part of the cap.

I am not saying that all these funds will be used for signing bonuses, but that there are funds/dollars available to give bonuses to rewarding players. Troy Smith may have received a signing bonus,along with Tanner Marsh.


Smith for example was scheduled to make 140k next season and he probably got 100k this year with the understanding that he would not dress. So he likely got a bonus to make up for this past season and likely got his salary adjusted to something between 225 and 250 for next season. Marsh was making league minimum and the Als probably will pay him like a #2 QB around 100k... Nice raise for the kid.

So by smith got here they swapped his 100K on the 9 game IR to ACs 400K. that was a nice savings of 300K to hand out bonuses

As was pointed out previously (indirectly by Richard), let us not confuse cap dollars and real dollars.

The Als saved no real dollars with injuries. The players cost the Als their full salary (unless CFL teams have some sort of injury insurance coverage), and then the Als had to pay whoever replaced them. Also, the Als had a huge coaching staff (by CFL standards), plus whatever Berry got after he signed on and made no playoff revenue. The real $$ cupboards are as bare as they have ever been under Mr. Wetenhall. If he allows Popp to spend 2013 cap space to re-sign players it will be further proof of his overwhelming commitment to the Als. If not, it merely proves he is a mere mortal owner whose pockets are not endless.

Mr. Wetenhall did loosen the purse strings for the recent signings, and there is always hope that maybe one or two more may get re-signed in the next few days. After that, Poop will have a bit of unexpected salary flexibility with the money that previously went to Calvillo, Fleury and Woodruffe, and maybe Richardson, freed up. The combination of his recent injury history, age and salary may mark the end of JR's days with the Als. It would be sad in many ways, but hopefully Poop will follow the "year too early rather than a year too late" approach when rejuvenating the team. That could apply to Hebert as well. He had a great season, but the defence maintained its performance when he was out.

1- Of the proposed list, hopefully Josh and Kyries are the next ones.

2- I am curious of your proposed possibility that Flory may retire. Just wondering if he himself has ever made mention of that fact? It is possible I missed this somewhere, but I do not recall hearing or reading this from Flory.

Not a saving per say as the owner stil paid AC. But it is nice to see some of the CAP spent. Mr. Wetenhall is a great owner.

Awesome post !

  1. Totally agree about Bourke, but I would prioritize Marc-Olivier and Shea ahead of Kyres ... OH ... and of course Sean Whyte (KIDDING). MOB and SE are non-imports and younger; slightly harder to replace than Hebert.

  2. Flory turns 38 just after next season begins, and is coming off a serious injury. Doubt Als would even bring him back if he doesn't retire. My gut tells me Scott has a football future off the field. If he wants to coach, Als should hire him as a part-time scout and try to "place" him with a Canadian university (hello ... calling Bryan Chiu) to get some experience. Or as a full-time scout and develop him in the GM stream.

That he is, and hopefully will remain so. If he passes it to his son(s) that often change show a sports team is run.


I fully agree and the Als are not the only team that spend/spent well over cap money with players on the 9 game IR whether really injured or as a spot to secure players with High Potential but need some seasoning.

Still the fact reamains that ehy do have extra cap money that can be used as signing bonuses to secure some core all star players.

As for Herbert I agree as good as he is the defense did not skip a beat without him and if it comes down to Marco or Kyries Marco wil get the $$$.
Winston venable also already under contract is a LB that many has/are considering ready to move into the Will LB spot.
Last season they let Anderson leave from the D backfield and they were able to replace him.
An older and more expensive Herbert may find himself in the same spot.

The disadvantage for Kyries is being an import whereas Shea is Non.
As for Flory, yes he will be 38. Unless there has been something said by Popp and or someone in the Als front office, no reason to believe they do not want Flory back should he wish to come back. Maybe he will be asked back in a back up role as oppose to a starter.
Flory is supposedly rehabbing and working out.