LB Ray Perryman signed


Danny Maciocia is hoping to avoid making the same mistake twice. Unable to properly replace Steven Marsh last year with Gerald Dixon, the Eskimos' head coach wants to be fully stocked with new strong-side linebacker recruits this spring.

"That is a major priority for me and I want to make sure that I have at least three solid candidates going into camp," said Maciocia.

That is why the Esks signed 28-year-old import Ray Perryman yesterday.

"(Perryman) has got NFL experience," said the head coach. "He is a decent size - and he has a reputation of playing big. And that is why he's an attraction."

At six feet and 213 pounds, Perryman has NFL ties with Oakland, Baltimore and Jacksonville.

"I'm anticipating a lot of things this season," said an excited Perryman, who has spent plenty of time watching the CFL, as former roommate Lamont Brightful plays for Montreal.

Perryman played against Ricky Ray in college at Northern Arizona.

wow i guess now the esks will win the cup!

You're new here so I'll let you know the rules... most posters have come to an agreement not to unnecessarily go "trolling" in the other teams forums.

Perryman will obviously be competing for a spot in camp. Who knows, maybe he could end up being an impact player as LB Steven Marsh was in the 2005 season and grey cup(he obviously helped the Esks win the cup in '05).

i am not "trolling" as you say just giving an opinion and letting the esk fans know that they are in for a lot of losing the next few years!! so their you go!

...123 is correct 22, that's trolling, calling it 'your opinion' doesn't make it all nice and's not really-mean-spirited-trolling-that-gets-you-edited but it is still annoying to EE fans nonetheless....take it elsewhere or word 'your opinion' in a manner that is more debatable, i.e., pretend you are around a dinner table, not a have a good day now y'hear...

Red it's ya'll come back now y'hear

jeez stampy get it right :wink:

to lion22
we jacked your offensive co-ordinator so yea we might have a chance