LB Patek signs with cats

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hasn't been announced here yet, could just be a case of what happened with Guillory, snail mail >8(

There still many players to come ..
They be announced just before came I am sure

and here i was hoping it was Petek.

Stop it Crash. You're going to upset lasagnahunter.

Bring the scrapbook just in case.

Is Patek a starter candidate?

He'll be backup at best, starers will likely be Otis Floyd, Markeith Knowlton and Aguie Barrenechea.

Oh, if he can't beat out Auggie then I'm not too excited about him. Or maybe that's a ratio thing. PLEASE tell me Auggie isn't playing the middle...P-L-E-A-S-E. We've been down that road.