LB Kromah on the 1 game IR

I saw that Kromah is on the one game IR for this week.
Who will be starting in his place at Weak side LB ?

in this weird D, I don’t believe he lined up as anything but middle in PS anyways.

Weldon Brown or Ferri I would say! Williams in the middle and Butler strong side

Totally agree on the weird defence.

Kromah on one game...........yip. Not sure who backs up Rey Williams if needed.

Someone else (another thread) talked about the roster carrying 10 DB's? I think we'll all see a lot of dimebacker types coming in on 2nd and long. Guys like Macho, Turenne, etc?

Appears the defense is lighter. No more very large tackles mucking up their inside gap. Now they are 260 - 280 like T. George and need to be able to move.

LB's - Rey is the only traditional LB at MLB. Weldon and TBrack are converted DB's. Lighter and faster. Wait and see to figure out hoe Butler and Hurl factor in.

DB's - lots of them. I expect to see 7-8 DB type guys in certain situations. Plus these fast guys can be helpful on special teams.

My concern is are we giving up too much size for speed. If a team plays smashmouth (Calg) will we lose the trench battle. Calgary manhandled us last week but I can't put too much stock into that. Wait and see like everything else.

But it is becoming pretty clear that the defense is built on speed. Secondary to that is the fact you can lineup at multiple spots (corner, inside, LB and special teams).

And then there is old man Geroy hurt and will miss game one? The question is now can he make game two and if he does, will he re-injure himself? Not a good start at all for superman. This likely could hamper him all season.