LB Ike Brown Re-Signed

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import linebacker Ike Brown to a new contract through the 2014 season. Brown was slated to become a free agent at noon.

For more info:

Happy to have Ike back. He's a great guy and when healthy his is a complete beast on ST

When the Cats sign a player: YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA. What an AWESOME signing!!!! I love it. We're gonna win the Grey Cup now boys. We're REAL contenders now.

When the Argos sign a player. What a LOAD of BS!!!! They're over the cap. Their violating the cap rules. HOW DARE THEY!!!! This league is a joke. It's fixed. CFL teams don't disclose their numbers but I'm a Ti-Cat fan so I pretend to know everything.

Welcome! Nice to have you here.

Huh? Did I miss something?

More importantly, do I care? Probably not.

What the hell are you even talking about? Did you see anyone doing cartwheels over this signing? Give your head a shake buddy. Don't know where anyone said we were winning the cup. Ike is a good team guy, a hard worker and a great asset to the community. I see no reason to be unhappy about this signing, but nobody said it was all we needed to win a GC.

If you don't like what we post here, you do always have the option of staying on your own board and not reading it.

PS. After signing Barnes and getting Ray if you sign any big name free agents expect to hear that cap stuff again because it's probably true.

Banshee, with all due respect. you are too easy.

You took the troll's bait.

Yes I did. Not because I'm too easy just because I'm in that kind of a mood today. :wink:

I appreciate your input.

Congratulations, Ike.

Me too, Banshee, I am really happy to have Ike back for another crack at it..

For a while I thought Ike was going to be the man to replace Otis at MLB.

Then, injuries and the Ray Williams entered the picture

but Ike kept on plugging away and lives here in the off season I believe.

Yes he does and he did a lot of community work and re-hab during the off-season. I'm looking forward to seeing what Ike can contribute this year.

This guy can hit. Glad he's back, and I hope he gets some good playing time.

Good signing. Like the way the guy plays.

Got the CFL Twitter feed open, waiting for more good news.