LB Brandyn Bartlett to SSK in Sup Draft for 2018 5th

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@sskroughriders selected LB Brandyn Bartlett from @TusculumSports in the Supplemental Draft using their 2018 5th round #CFL Draft pick.

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The CFL needs to change the rules again to stop fake Canadians ie. Americans, taking jobs away from Canadians. What a joke!

Dual citizenship.

Sounds to me like he is Canadian.

That's not the CFL's fault, talk to your Member of Parliament.

He was born in the USA. So he is American. Don't care if his dad is Canadian. HE IS NOT CANADIAN! He has never lived here or contributed to Canada. Dual Citizenship does not mean you are automatically Canadian because of convenience.

Yes it does.

In the eyes of the CFL it does make him Canadian

Well said.

Yeah, I am sure if you ask the fellow how "Canadian" he feels he will laugh at you. :lol:

I have dual citizenship and consider myself very Canadian.

And the law.

Again he was born in THE USA! AND GREW UP IN THE USA! experienced american culture, i guess that means he is an American. Oh wait lets get everyone from south america, africa or europe and call them canadians as well. they have never lived or were born here or experienced the Canadian way of life but hell by your definition they are Canadian. :lol:

Yes, they would be considered Canadian if they held dual citizenship. This isn't rocket science.

Have to totally Agree. CFL must change policy. right a joke. Lets call PM and change this crap. Oh but hes canoeing again.
Have a get weekend and CHEERS. All games great so far. Thanks

Why are you beating the drum with the wrong stick? This one person we are discussing (and a few others in similar circumstances) is Canadian because he is a citizen under the law - end of story - how did every person in the world fall into that same category, which is certainly NOT my definition but an incorrect extrapolation on your part.

I'd like to encourage more Canadians that were born, raised, educated and learned their football in Canada to have an opportunity to play in the CFL (and have supported the sustaining of the player ratio in many past posts) but descending into jingoistic irrationality won't help support that cause.

Yes , and the number should be raised to 10 compulsory Canadians on each team, this is the Canadian football league.