Layton targets Argonauts


... not Jack, but his pipsqueak mouthpiece son, Mike.

Mike Layton's first act of business in Toronto City Council was to waste everyone's time trying to get the city to admonish MacLean's magazine (a private publication) for printing an article he thought was mean. As if City Council has a shortage of important things to do.

It seems he hasn't seen his name in the paper in too long, because now he's inventing things to get upset about in the news:

Argo ad campaign flagged

By Don Peat ,City Hall Bureau
First posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 5:41:15 EDT PM


“In the context of domestic violence, the ad insinuates that domestic violence in the home is acceptable or normal,? Layton wrote. “The ad may also trigger traumatic responses in the many survivors of domestic violence who are courageously moving forward with their lives.?

On a sidenote, a rare kudos goes out to the executives of the TTC:

[i]TTC chair Karen Stintz, who sits on the review panel, said she doesn’t think the ads need to change.

“It’s a sports team and it’s a sports ad,? she said. “I don’t see it in the context (Layton) does.?

TTC commissioner Councillor Norm Kelly called Layton’s letter an “unnecessary? attempt to shame the Argos.

“The Argos are doing whatever they can to drum up interest,? Kelly said, adding he’s fine with the ad. “This is just saying, (the Argos) play a mean brand of football.?[/i]

P.S.: Here's Layton's e-mail address: he's going to hear from me.

What stupidity. Sometimes people just like to be knobs.

Is he living in subsidised housing too?

Oh my god, he has a son and the son is a politician? Guess who will soon be running for the NDP leadership! Please don't vote for a second generation politician who has never worked at a real job. Hard to represent your constituents if you don't live the sameway they do.

neither layton means anything to me, and I loathe NDP and am not fond of politicians in general, however there is a point here. "Home is where we hurt people " is a poor choice of words and might indeed be unpleasant for some victims to read. As a victim of severe childhood abuse and trauma, I can see how it might really upset some people, although I myself have moved past it. People should stop and think before they automatically mock a persons concerns about something they themselves may not understand or emphasize with.

Very to the point, tough love. The home is exactly where there is a lot of hurt and just like cancer was a taboo word at one time and thank goodness people can openly say it now and not feel embarrased, I hope this ad helps people speak of domestic violence openly if they want to and not feel ashamed. The opposite of poor choice of words IMHO, I can't think of anything better and to the point really. :thup:

IMHO - Excellent work Argonauts even though some people will feel offended by this openness. Always just playing the middle line is boring and doesn't work.

Some people are offended because other people have tatoos on that might offend them. The way life is.

It's a terrible ad, and he's right.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this, no question, agree.

It's great that people are talking about something that is very hidden in many cases, I'm sure this ad will help some people seek assistance and be helped and that is super. :thup: If 1000 people come on here and say the ad is terrible, poor taste whatever, that is actually a very good thing.

Well, I'm glad to know that Toronto City Council has solved all the cities problems and can now turn their attention to frivoloties.

No kidding. I've seen the Argos play. I don't think they're capable of hurting anyone...


Update: ... ntroversy/

"Argos pull controversial advertisement

The Toronto Argonauts will pull an advertisement from city subway cars and stations after receiving complaints that it promotes domestic violence."

If anyone watched the Argos play my team the stamp this weekend, they hurt people in their own homes as well. First game and the stamps are down three players. Some truth to the add. and I think a some point we are just looking for reasons to be offended. It wasn't the intent or context but people make it something it's not. But in a red neck so I am removed from the liberal take everything to heart thing.

I also put up with abuse when I was younger. Same with all my siblings. I see nothing wrong with the ad. Like someone else said, it's nice to know that these people have solved all of Toronto's problems and can now focus on BS. I think I just lost a little more respect for the Laytons. I agree with Kelly: It's a sports ad.

They hurt Kevin Glenn in the Eastern-Semi Final. Remember that game :wink:

If the ad actually said "home is where we hurt people" I could actually agree that's a poor choice of words. But the ad didn't say that. And just because some like to substitute words and inject their own meaning where none existed doesn't make it a bad ad. In fact, this was brought up at council and people are talking and posting about it, so I apparently it's actually pretty effective. The worst that can happen to an ad campaign is that nobody notices.

It was self-inflicted... :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Loser politicians, always tackling the easy useless issues. We are bombing the shit out of Libya, our infrastructures are falling appart and not a word on that stuff but an ad that they don’t like that’s easy. They make me puke really. Get to work! Loser !

If we could get those new jets we could bomb way more countries.

Home is where the heart is, its also where we hurt people. There is no word substition. The sentence makes two statements. Anyone with any degree of comprehension can tell what the second statement is. Too bad you can't

Here's the ad...

I don't see what the fuss is about. Now if there was a scared little kid and a bruised woman beside a big, bad football player it would be over the line.

If seeing this ad makes Jack Layton Junior think about domestic violence, then IMO it says more about him than it says about the ad.