Lawyer seeks prohibition that could affect the Bombers

CNEWS "A prominent Winnipeg human rights lawyer says a touring exhibit of dead bodies should be legally prohibited from putting cadavers on display in the city beginning next month."

The lawyer makes a good point, but the Bomber organization have contractual obligations to show up for each game, even if most of the coaching staff and our secondary are a bunch of stiffs :lol:

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15 posts and all are crap.

This has got to be the worst post i have ever read, crawl back under the rock you came from, seriously you will give Bomber fans a bad name if you continue to post crap on here and it is not welcome on here in my opinion, does any other fan disagree with me?

Why so Serious??? If you can't laugh along with the Suicide Bombers, you're going to get an ulcer.
You were probably just a twinkle in your Daddy's eye when the Bombers last won the Grey Cup. Am I right?
Just simmer down, boy.

I have heard much funnier, much ! We like jokes, just make them funny ! Give me the , " Rare find , a colour picture of Winnipeg's last Grey Cup " ! You can do better !

I apologize. I wouldn't to give the Bombers or their fans a bad name.
Perhaps these flashbacks to happier times will lift your spirits :smiley: [url=] ... ey_Cup.jpg[/url] [url=] ... ig_381.jpg[/url]