Lawrence Tynes back in the CFL ?

Wow ! Missed 2 thirty some yarder field goals in the NFC finals!

premature with that accessment he just got his team in the Superbowl.

Way to go third time is the charm. Tynes and Giants go to SB42

What's an accessment?

Not really ideal conditions for football, not surprised he missed a few. He did make the 47 yarder though :frowning:

Where did he play in the CFL?

I think he played with the Renegades

Oh, Oh, 2005, English Teacher has caught you skipping class! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Spelling test is on Tuesday! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Thought the name rang a bell. I wonder if he notices any differences between playing for the Giants and their ownership vs the Renegades ownership group? :lol:

Why would any CFL team want a Yankee kicker, and a mediocre one at that?

Actually holds some Renegades records. TSN said he hit 51 field goals one season.

'Cause the Canadian ones they had access to were even worse.

He's also not American, he's Scottish.

Yep. He hit one from 60+ one game, but there's no record of it because Paopao took it off the board. There was a penalty that would have given the Renegades a first down, so Paopao removed the points and continued the drive instead.

Of course, they got intercepted a couple of plays later...

So if he is Scot'ish, he would qualify as a non-import then...I guess he's ok then.

No, I think he was still listed as an import. But he isn't a "Yankee".

He played in Canada in "the wilderness", too friggin funny. Now imagaine if he played out on the prairies somewhere :lol:

"Tynes, having cut his teeth at Kansas City and in the relative wilderness of the Canadian league, might have become a figure of fun among his team-mates, but his presence at the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, a week on Sunday, suggests an intense seriousness of purpose; a sense of purpose that, in light of the exotic and extreme elements of his history, becomes all the easier to understand."

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Ah, what do you expect from a British news source I suppose? :wink:

Here's a portion of a Sun article where Tillman explains the signing in his southern way. :wink:

"We were eight games into the season with the Ottawa Renegades and we'd gone through three kickers. We were at the point where we couldn't kick a can in a sewer.

"If that wasn't bad enough, we had Miss Canada in a pre-game ceremony and she kicked a 35-yarder. We'd gone through three kickers and she was better than anyone we had.

"I told out coach Joe Paopao 'Joe, we have two options. We can go with Miss Canada or we can go get an import kicker.'

"Because Miss Canada wasn't available, I was thrilled when long-time friend Al Saunders called from Kansas City highly recommending Lawrence Tynes.

"When Lawrence arrived it was the most memorable practice in Ottawa Renegades history. He kicked them all from the 30, kicked them all from the 35, all from the 40 and all from the 45. Practice stopped. Guys were giving him a standing ovation."

The only thing that surprises me is that Paopao didn't go for Miss Canada. No question Lonie would have. :roll:

It will be quite something if this guy turns out to be the hero this Sunday, I'm sure in his wildest dreams he couldn't have imagined this.