i know i might be kinda crazy, but lawrence phillips combined with radelin is the type of power runner this team needs, ranek is a good player, but is more of a role player, we should consider trading him for some lineman help. Also move holmes to the slotback position and make him a permanent punt/kick returner and devise some blocking schemes on special teams to free him loose. I realize that phillips has a past, but if the ticats were able to employ thugs like jonta woodward, tim cheatwood, and others, then why not give phillips a chance, he has a grey cup ring and playoff experience- something that is lacking on this squad.

Well, you're might be kinda crazy...haha

But, at this juncture, we DO need to be open-minded :slight_smile:

Well first of all we dont need Lawrence Phillips on our roster.Our running game will improve once we get a new O.C. The last I heard is Lawrence Phillips is in jail.P[lus we have enough freaks running around this city,we dont need another.

For running over kids playing a street football game with a car.

Orange jumpsuits can affect one's cutback ability during the next imbroglio. :wink:

A snippet of Phillips's past (source: ... ly-to.html )

Lawrence Lamond Phillips


Exposition Park Pickup League (2005)

-Arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly driving a stolen car into a throng of boys with whom just played pickup football

-Grew enraged at some kids after joining their football game, while San Diego police were searching on an assault charge, which includes allegedly choking girlfriend into unconsciousness

Calgary Stampeders (2003)

-Cut for disrupting practice by arguing with coach

-Signed after released by the Montreal Alouettes

-Charged with sexual assault, assault and uttering threats, apparently against another girlfriend

-Denied entry into Canada when attempting to appear in court on existing charges. Canadian officials said that because of criminal history, needed a visa to cross the border, even to answer legal charges there.

Montreal Alouettes (2002)

-Helped Montreal win the Grey Cup

-Demanded a pay raise from $50,000 to a ballpark figure of $250,000, which was among the upper echelon of CFL players

-Suspended after leaving the team and skipping practice without explanation

-CFL's leading rusher

-Joined the Alouettes after obtaining a special permit to gain access into Canada because of criminal record in the United States

-During the first week of training camp, left the team after accusing the owner and coach of dishonesty in their dealings. Later returned and won the starting job from incumbent.

Florida Bobcats (2001)

-Left without management's knowledge

-Charged in May 2000 with attacking a girlfriend in Beverly Hills. Sentenced to six months in jail after pleading no contest to felony charges of beating the woman and making a terrorist threat.

-Given three years' probation and ordered to take anger-management training

San Francisco 49ers (1999)

-Released during the '99 season for missing practice

Barcelona Dragons (1999)

-Ran for 1,021 yards and scored 14 touchdowns -- both league records -- and was voted the league's top offensive player

Miami Dolphins (1997)

-Released after pleading no contest to hitting a woman after she refused to dance in a nightclub. Pleaded guilty to battery and was placed on six months' probation.

St. Louis Rams (1996)

-Competed in 25 games for St. Louis before being released for insubordination in 1997

-Prospered during 19 months with the team by achieving three arrests and 23 days in jail for violating probation after a drunk-driving misunderstanding in California

-Selected sixth overall in the 1996 NFL draft by St. Louis

University of Nebraska, June 1993
B.A. Basket Weaving

-Pleaded no contest to domestic violence in a confrontation (defined: dragging her downstairs by her hair, bashing her head against a mailbox) with a girlfriend


-Hawked a Nebraska conference championship ring for $20 at a Las Vegas pawn shop, thus recording a $20 profit

-Won two national championships with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. One fresh from suspension for assaulting girlfriend, but still allowed to play by former coach and now U.S. Congressman, Tom Osborne.

Are you kidding me? Laurence Phillips on a struggling team with bad morale? If Yeast got released because he was a locker-room cancer, what do you think Phillips will do to the team? If you're going to pick up a running back, try Antonio Warren first.

I think Ron would put Lawrence into the record books, he'd be the first player cut from his team during a game.

ron already did that when he cut yeast. Or was this 1 miniute after the game :?

Intantly after.

As far as I know, Yeast was benched during the game, then was cut right after the game in front of the team. I wish it was caught on tape, same thing with the Raptors when Rafer Alston was escorted from the dressing room by security after getting into a fight with the head coach Sam Mitchel.