Lawrence Phillips found guilty of assault.

The article says he was found guilty of strangling his ex girlfriend on 2 occasions, one of which she lost consciousness. The sentence will be pronounced next month in California and he faces 25 years in jail. He is already spending 10 years in jail for hitting 3 teenagers with his car in a park. It's just downhill for the self proclaimed Best running back of the CFL. Surprised anyone ?

What a troubled man. Great talent but completely messed up off the field.

Well now he'll have a little stability :wink:

Back in 2002 I was saddened to see that LP became our fullback and, Mike Pringle was religated to the bench. But, no matter how rotten LP was as a human being, the Als did win the Grey Cup that year and, LP played his part in that win. I still wonder that, if LP was not around, how Pringle would have played that year and also in the years to come. It just shows how vulnerable is the life of football players. As soon as someone comes who is expected to be better than player X then player X is gone. I still wonder what would have happened if Pringle would have stayed with the Als instead of going to the ESKS?

You're right Hassal, I almost forgot he contributed in our only championship in 25 years. The guy blew so many chances it is hard to feel bad for him though.

Lawrence Phillips is a piece of trash of a human being and I believe this makes it 3 strikes. That would mean he could very well be in jail for the rest of his life.

Your right Pringle a HOF wasn't allowed to finish his carreer in Montreal to make room for that piece of trash. One of the by-products of a win at all cost coach like Matthews.

Who cares, really? That win-at-all-costs coach brought us our first Grey Cup in 25 years. This is football, not church. Phillips is now paying the legal price for his crimes, as he should. But he was a great running back for us in 2002. That's all I'm going to remember.

Just pointing it out. Football loves no one...

Isn't that a Trestman quote? :slight_smile: :wink:

Running back is a precarious business at best. The average career of a running back is somewhere around 4 years. It's a brutal position where you're tossed aside as soon as your body starts to deteriorate. It's a testament to Pringle that he was able to be the man for so long in Montreal, and for a short time in Edmonton.

Taking a look around the league today, Reynolds is the 'old man' of the bunch as far as being the feature back goes. Then you have Cobourne and Cates with a grand total of 2 seasons as the starting tailback. Then there's Reid, Robertson, Cobb, Whitlock, McCarty, and Mallett, all of whom only asserted themselves last season or this season.

Pringle is one of the TOUGHEST human beings I have ever seen. As a fitness nut I’d love to ask him how he worked out during the off season.

I am a fan of both Pringle & Phillips. We did win the Cup that year because of Phillips. I admire his on the field game skills, but not his crimes off the field.

I heard that he might also be in dog fighting... d'uh!