Lawrence Phillips Died in Prison

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I guess he woke up one day and figured out what a wasted life he had and ended it.

Well we are all going to the same place he is, one day.


Whatever name you want to call whereever it is we go after we physically die. :wink: But my wife who doesn't believe in the heaven and hell thingy nor do I, says if given a choice if she had to choose, she'd choose hell because it's nice and warm there and cozy. :wink:

That place with all the devils, and those caves and the ragged clothing? And the heat?

Deviled egss are tasty though. Caves are fun to be in. Ragged clothing is cool and heat can be good after the last 2 winters. :wink:

excuse me rite now if I got this wrong. your kind of flip about phillips' death. not that he just realized this life has been wasted but the pain and hurt he was in that his only solution to a temporary problem was a permanent solution. he had help in front of him on lord knows how many times and never fully engaged or internalized any help given to him. you can take the boy out of ghetto but unfortunately this boy could never get the ghetto out of himself. for maybe the 1st time RIP LAWRENCE. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Looks like he had some help with his alleged suicide.

This is such a sad story on so many different levels.

Phillips had an elite combination of size and speed, but wasting his football ability wasn't the worst part. The real tragedy here is what happens when a child is abused and abandoned by worthless parents.

No child is born evil. Violence, much like racism and other forms of hatred, is something that is learned behaviour. Abandoned by his father, Phillips had only his mother and her deadbeat boyfriends as role models to shape him.

Phillips' mother once watched as one of her boyfriends stood on him and urinated on him. What chance at life does a young child really have when this is the kind of disgusting treatment that he's subjected to by the adults in his life?