Lawrence Gordon

Why is he still at corner? He is brutal and is getting beaten badly every time.

His first three games were good. Tonight wasn't, but you can't put it all on his shoulders. No pass rush, questionable coaching schemes, too long on the field. He'll be fine.

Actually, his first game was a nightmare. The two games after that were good.

Ok, I'll give you that, but the entire team's play was nightmarish.

the other 2 games werent even good, they were ok at best.

Too many chances and Too many blown plays.He is a ok player playing a game that he is not good enough to play! WAKEUP TICATS!

I believe we said the same thing about KariKari and Anderson last year. Didn't they just help to take us apart last night?

EVERY DB will get beat if there is no pass rush.

Last night's pass rush has been the worst so far in this young season.

First you can’t judge a DB’s performance when the dline is getting no pressure against the best offence in the CFL.

He had a horrible 1st game and I thought played pretty well the following 2. I didnt even think he look awful yesterday. Sure he didnt play lights out but he certainly wasnt the main problem.

Thank you for this. No DB in the world can cover for 5 seconds. If we had a pass rush without blitzing, our Db's would be praised. I love how THompson and Robinson have been playing. Bradley as well..But I do think teams are focusing on Gordon as the weak link.

If your quarterback has all the protection and time in the world, eventually your receivers will get open.

I think Gordon is a pretty good, he will get better. It was our pass rush that was lousy.

Remember that beautiful interception by Robinson?

You can thank McKay-Loescher for giving him the oppurtunity to make that great play.

Gordon can't cover for 2 seconds. He is constantly turned around.

i know i didnt say anderson was bad last year. i thought he was our best player most games.

Gordon hasnt played great but some of it is scheme and he expects deep help he doesnt get at times. If he is responsible for the short flat in a zone and a guy burns past him and there is no deep guy it appears on replay he lost the guy but he has to leave the guy and stay in his position. I dont think he is playing well at all but....sometimes he looks beat but its not on him always.

I agree Gordon is Bad..

The Coaching staff May now
look at Geoff Tisdale or Bo Smith Both are the Practice Roster

Or They May Bring in a FA..

What happened to Jermaine Mays? I thought he looked good in camp.


Anderson our best player most games last year? You're kidding, right? He couldn't do a cover version of Happy Birthday. He certainly didn't cover anyone opposing WRs last year.

Mays is still on the roster.