Lawrence Gordon

Can everyone make a donation and buy this guy some good cleats...have never seen a defensive back slip as many times as he has in the last 2 games...just plain horrible.....

Number 24 was nothing spectacular either. Bishop to who ever - pass and catch and number 24 trailing from behind. Pathetic bunch - change my viewing to NFL

#24 is Tony Tiller.

Even I can look that up; why can't you?

Pathetic? Undeniable. Not many other ways you can describe a 1-8 squad.

But to change to NFL? No thanks.

I'm a CFL fan and always will be. Sure, every year, there'll be a bad team, and it is sad that for the past few years the Ticats have been that team, but for's the CFL all the way.

24 Tiller didn't even play on Labour Day - get some glasses.

Yes and if there is any money left over maybe we could buy you some class.

I guess that's why why he wasn't spectacular, lol.