Lawrence Gordon....way to rebound!

Great game Lawrence. :thup:
After the Montreal game in which most of the team looked a little tentative, especially the O-line, it sure was nice to see that the confidence has been regained by all.
Kudos to L. Gordon for a great game. After last week against Watkins it would have been easy to run and hide but instead, you came back like a real pro. :cowboy:

i am going to be honest. i thought Arland Bruce/Bethel Johnson were going to tear Lawrence apart but he came through with a solid game and had a HUGE play near the end of the game that sealed the ti-cat win

good Job Lawrence Gordon :thup:


Yeah that Gordon strip was fantastic. He made a heads up play seeing that Bruce wasn't protecting the ball and made an aggressive move. That's a big time defensive play!

I thought he got lucky. He was totally beat on that play.

The problem with most fans is that they don't have true football vision. When a guy gets beat and/or makes a bad play a couple times in a game thats all you seem to think about.

Its like how you only hear an offensive lineman's name when they get beat for a sack. You almost never hear about how they kept the guy off the QB for 69 of 70 snaps!

Don't just see his few bad plays.. see all the good ones he made in that game. He more than held his own other than those couple errors. He is a 3rd year starting corner for a reason and the fact that he is only 175 shows his heart. You sometimes see him literally throw himself at receivers so that he is using all that 175 to bring them down.

He has deserved respect the whole time he has been in Hamilton.

You make a good point Zen. A fan watching on TV isn't exactly a fair evaluation, hard to see what Gordon was doing away from the ball. I guess his coverage kept the ball away from him a fair bit. But I think he got lucky on that fumble.

He happens to be a favourite of mine. He can cover. Not an easy thing to do in football, especially at the corner in the CFL.

how was it lucky? it was a forced fumble on his part, he stripped the ball and then recovered.

lucky he connected with the ball? sure, and Casey was lucky any of his receivers caught the ball when thrown to them...

its only execution folks.