Lawrence Gordon signs with Eskimos

Note to Richie Hall ... don't use him as a decoy on special teams and ask him to catch a pass from Prefontaine :twisted:

good on flash.
a good player and a good person.
i've enjoyed conversations with him on several occasions.
he's a funny, insightful person.
i hate to think that that dropped pass off the punt formation did in his hamilton career.
i think it's more because obie and marcel want slightly bigger defensive backs who can also step in at the linebacker position — such as markeith knowlton, renard cox (when he was here) and now lamont reid, who took lawrence's position on the roster — and at 175 pounds, lawrence was at least 20 pounds shy.
good luck in edmonton.

Well said, TG. I completely agree. Best of luck to LG.

I always liked the guy. . .

That said, he's not an allstar corner back.

Edmonton is a good opportunity for him, since they're using a converted halfback on one corner (Goss) and have lost Parker on the other corner.

It's truly amazing how many people hold one time errors over a players head. Are you really that thoughtless and ignorant?

Work on that..

The drop was a huge mistake that cost us a win in a very meaningful game.

^^^^ it was not a designed play and all players make mistakes, it's ignorant to crucify a player because of one play. It was the turning point in the game but every player had their share of stupid plays, also Marcel deserves the majority of blame especially for inserting Porter into the game at dumb times which lead to 2 2 and outs and also destroyed any flow the offence had up to that point.

I am Glad Lawrence landed on his feet but Former Ticats Normally do

Is your real name Scott Norwood?

Gordon never played a down for the rest of the year.

Explain that.

No big deal…players are not perfect

Yours Truly
The 2009 Sask. Special Teams and Paul MaCallum

All the best to you Lawrence Gordon in Edmonton and thank you for your playing days in Hamilton. I agree with the coaches I think we are now looking at taller backs and a different look than what we had in the past. Sometimes it's best to change things up a bit until we get the right mix of talent on the field and a group of players who are dedicated on winning games as a team and players who play to win as a team unit not identified on individual mistakes. All the best players have seen their fair share of fumbles and dropped passes, it's football.

The Tiger-Cats will Eat Em Raw in 2010, THE YEAR OF THE CAT!!!!


i'm pretty sure it was....

However im pretty sure Lawrence Gordon was cut because of his poor performance at the corner position, not the drop on the fake punt.

Bottom line is he wasn't performing well enough at any of his jobs here and that is why he got cut. Who knows? Maybe he just needs the right coach or a different scheme to be an effective player again.

He didn't work out here and I really hold nothing against him.

This is coming from one of his biggest critics.

maybe they want a c.b, that can cover and stop completions!

With WR’s getting taller and taller, how much sense does it make to have a small skinny guy as a DB?Maybe if he was impressive which he certainly was not.The dropped punt fake was just the icing on the cake.I’ll use a term some of you around here haved deemed Obie’s trade aquisitions.TC fodder.

Thing is, DBs are always going to be smaller than receivers on average, because they are usually receivers who weren't tall enough to make the cut at receiver in the first place. Size is important, sure, but it isn't everything. Mark Estelle is a very good corner who routinely gives away inches of height to any receiver he's covering. Ball sense, recovery speed, and intelligent aggression are more important to a DB than size per se IMO.

Gordon's a good DB. Nothing spectacular, but if people are using that botched gadget play as justification for canning him, I think it's a gross overreaction.

Like I said, the dropped pass was just the icing on the cake.The guy can barely cover anyone, and the only play he made in the last two years was picking up a Fred Reid fumble that slowly rolled to his feet in our first meeting this season.Surprised he didn't drop that to be honest.

for sure all players suck once they leave the ticats right and every player who signs with the cats is a GOD AMONGST MEN. for sure. yup.

altho i do agree that gordon isnt very good.

Well troll life, that's a little over exagerated.I seem to remember the Bomber board being the same way.Hanging the grey cup banner's with the departure of Glenn and the arrival of Kelly.Still lot's of you fighting me tooth and nail tryna convince me Glenn's good '09 season will be followed by a terrible one this year because that's how it happened in Winnipeg.I admit, i'm very high on new players coming in but that usually dies off in a few days.I get excited in an extremely boring off-season.As for player's departing and turning to garbage, that's not necessarily true, at least for me.I was okay with Prechae starting for us but never though he was god like %90 of the people on these forums still do.To me he was a bright spot in a crappy '08 campaign, that's it.Gordon was crap, that's something we can agree on.Thompson is definitely a good DB, and that won't change because he's on the Esk's roster now.

troll life? maaan seriously.. whats your issue? u need a tissue for your issues? seriously buddy what is up... like what is your problem... who cares about last year and mike kelly, what the hell does that have to do with lawrence gordon and this topic? troll life? seriously... thats so funny i forgot to laugh. u guys are just ridiculous with your shots at other posters for no friggin reason at all.