lawrence gordon is good enough!!

i been watching hamiton db's and it seem like everyone was downing gordon for 1 bad game last year. The first game of the season at that. I thought it wasn't fair to him. That everyone wants him off the team or not starting because of 1 game. But as you can see yesterday, lawrence gordon is good enough. So for all you doubters just keep watching him and you will be glad that the tigercats didn't get rid of him.

Gordon had a good game last night,

i'd still like to see Bradley in for Smith though.

Yeah Bo smith has been freakin awful this year :roll: :roll:.

The guy has been with the Ticats since 06 and I have always been a fan of his. He was Hamilton's nominee for rookie of the year in 06.

I have always loved the little guys that play with big hearts.

Bradley's natural position is weakside where Gordon is playing now. Smith won the strongside in camp fair and square.. its his. Gordon beat out Bradley in camp for the weakside. Every player has high and low times in their career. Bradley at least to this point isn't what he was last year. He backs up both corners.

Why in the world would you want a guy who currently isn't performing as well in practice to start? Can't understand your logic at all.

how do you know Bradley isn't what he was last year? he doesn't get to play. and sometimes it may look like guys aren't performing in practice but then you get them in a game and they shine, it can also be vice-versa. Honestly i though Bo Smith looked great in TC, when they did the Recievers vs DB's drill, Bo Smith was always stuck guarding Prechae, and i though he did a fantastic job at it, but now i see him in games and i really don't like what i see from him. Deandra Cobb didn't look like anything special in TC either, but look at what he did against B.C. Marquay Mcdaniel really didn't do anything when returning punts and kicks in pre-season, but now the guy is great!

all im saying is it wouldn't hurt to get the guy some time at corner during the game. Maybe he comes out and plays well, maybe he doesn't. but would it hurt to maybe get him some reps when one corner isn't playing well in a particular game?

Against Montreal it would hurt like hell lol. I’d save that test till we have an easier team to face.

Just because Smith played better in training camp doesn't mean he'll play better than Bradley in a real game.

Well obviously the coaches think Bradley should be on the bench.