Lawrence 'flash' Gordon

Congrats to Craig Smith for finding this guy. If Goss comes back next year we will have one of the better secondary's in the league.

is gordon #29?

What makes you think Goss will be invited back?

The Poor Guy has Family Issuies .
We where Lucky He Play at all.

If He wants to Come Back I would Welcome him

Why wouldn’t he? I don’t know what went on behind closed doors, but they need to make an effort to talk him into returning and get him councelling if he does return.

Lawrence Gordon had an outstanding game last night. He showed good closing speed and positioning in pass coverage against Ed Hervey and Jason Tucker. On his interception, he quickly got into good position and fought for the ball. He also seems to be a good tackler. If Gordon can maintain that level of performance, he is a keeper.

lawrance did amazing, rookie n hes bin terrin it up, hes our version of montreals Cox!

goss can stay down south. from what i hear he doesn't want to play in the cfl. (read into this what you wish ...)
i think he's overrated, and relatively easy to replace.

from what youve heard??? man try and find out whats really going on next time you post. the guys going through alot of family issues.

Flash Gordon[i].

Great nickname![/i]

What have you heard?

dont bash on Goss just becuz he aint here, if he was here n playin well ud not be sayin anything. leave the guy alone.