Lawrence and Sinkfield back practicing for EDF

Good news, Hopefully Tasker is Maint. day

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#Ticats LB @Simoni_Lawrence & WR @Solo_Sink2 are practicing today. But Luke Tasker is not.

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Looks like @AGN45(Gascon Nadon) will be the replacement at DE for in the injured @ENorwood40. Gives the #Ticats more ratio flexibility. #CFL #Redblacks

"Maintenance Day" for Tasker, or maybe the reason we did not see many balls thrown his way? Of course, we didn't see many balls thrown to any particular receiver except maybe Grant and Underwood.

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#Ticats Kent Austin says WR Luke Tasker expected to play Sunday vs. #Redblacks

I was hoping Adrian Tracy would be ready to go. This doesn't bode well for our pass rush. We must get pressure on Burris to be successful.
Glad that Sinkfield is ready to go. Let's hope he is used. We need to be successful in the passing game.
If we don't play better than last week we won't beat Ottawa.

Don't know if it was a mistake, or Ken Welch being the only one to say so, but he did say on his Thursday evening sportscast that Tasker missed both days of practice. Other reports I've seen/heard left the impression that he did practice on Wednesday, but not Thursday.

Sitting behind the cats bench during the game in Ottawa... we did notice Tasker come off holding what looked like an arm or shoulder and he was being worked on for a bit.. I was worried but he did go back into the game after that so I thought all was ok... maybe not? Either way hes a warrior and I think it will take a real bad injury to keep him out of the game Sunday!!!

Today is last practice this year at THF. All practices next week will be in WPG!!! :rockin:

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Tasker, on maintenance yesterday, back on #THF field today for #Ticats #CFL

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#Ticats WRs Luke Tasker & @Solo_Sink2 as well LB @Simoni_Lawrence all practicing today. #CFL #Redblacks

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#Ticats QB Jeff Mathews has done more in practice this week. Wouldn't be surprised to see him added as the No. 3 this week. #CFL


eat em raw boys!!

Tasker is a beast. He almost had his arm ripped off on a 4th quarter dump reception in the shadow of our goal line for a 1st down he had no right getting.

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30 min after practice ended, #TIcats QB Jeremiah Masoli is still on the field working with practice roster WR Kealoha Pilares.

I admire Masoli work ethic. Not sure why he would hook up with a receiver who will in all likelihood not even be activated to the game day roster. I would like him to get his timing down with the active roster receivers.

They asked Andrew Harris, Who is the Hardest hitting Linebacker in the League?

Answer - Lawrence and Hebert are the hardest hitting linebackers in the League

@Shaw_CFL @andrewharris33 Who is the hardest hitting linebacker in the CFL? In your opinion #AskTeamShaw

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Lawrence and Hebert are the hardest hitting linebackers in the league

Sinkfield out I haven't seen conformation did he hurt himself in last practice ? That is a big loss for us...,

They must have known Sinkfield was doubtful or out as now it makes obvious sense why Masoli and Pilares were spending extra time with practice and getting to know one another.

The team just can't get a break re injuries to starters:(

Staying after practice for extra work is totally voluntary and the "active roster receivers" at this time of year, are probably not doing too much extra in order to make sure that their bodies are as rested as possible for game day.

As it turns out Pilares HAS been activated for this game so it looks like that extra work, and developing a sense of timing with the "back up QBs" has paid off!

Pilares and Masoli have been putting in extra practice pretty much ever since Pilares arrived in late September. They have gotten to know each other quite well I would think over the past two months. Good for them and it could be VERY good for the team, depending on how much Pilares sees the field.

I was right there too, and noticed the same thing. Definitely had me worried, especially after Banks appeared to have left the game a few plays earlier. But I saw Tasker later with a large bandage on his arm, so I assumed that he just got a cut or abrasion (rug burn from the turf?). Not sure if it was related or not. Might have had the bandage all along.

Too bad about Sinkfield, it's obvious Masoli and Pilares want to put that extra effort in to succeed. The coach(s) obviously have noticed ... Win win situation for all. I believe I read somewhere, Pilares is a younger version of Chad Owens.