Lawless sees evidence of tampering calls on Orridge to act.

What's good for the goose... Will Orridge make an example of someone ?

Hervey was right. It happens and it shouldn’t. Naming one player and singling him out would be unfair. But talking to CFL folks at the Senior Bowl, you hear about offers already tendered to pending free agents. Maybe it’s tradition and the way things have been done for a long time but it needs to be curbed. It alters the competitive integrity of the league and isn’t professional. Teams caught tampering should be slapped hard with financial fines and loss of draft picks. This isn’t a small problem. It needs to be eradicated. Orridge has already cleared up tampering where coaches are concerned. Now he needs to move on to players. Agents involved in negotiating on behalf of a player under contract prior to the opening of free agency should lose their ability to represent CFL clients. Agents should be required to be certified by the league and CFLPA and if they are involved in tampering, they should lose their tickets. Policing and managing tampering policy is difficult, but efforts need to be made.
That kind of stuff partially explains why there are so many players who have not signed. Going onto the market knowing what offers will be out there for them.

Is there a link where he stated this. All I find is this TSN article from him.

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CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge had to weigh in on the issues of coaches attempting to walk out on contracts and clubs demanding compensation for losing staffers. Orridge eventually put together a sensible protocol that will allow coaches to advance in an orderly fashion and not leave teams wondering if they’ve been victims of tampering.
Different situation comparing pending UFAs and coaches who still have years remaining on their existing contracts.

Though I'm sure this kind of tampering happens in the NHL frequently too. Otherwise, you wouldn't see all of these contracts announced with new teams minutes after their contract expire noon EST every July 1.

Most agents are lawyers for one and as we saw in the Williams case some agents aren't even registered so not sure what "ticket" you can pull from a guy like that. Best thing is probably to go after the GM's engaging in this. At least put out a policy and establish what the penalties will be if someone is caught. Also a whistle blower reward might also be a good deterrent.