Lawless reporting Nichols wants 450,000??

Yeah, I think Style (Nasty Nate) is all about himself. His nicknames aren't funny & just a way to get attention. He's been banned from every Bomber forum he ever joined & other CFL team forums as well. He just slags the Bombers on Riderfans all the time & they keep him around there because he is like most team mascots, mildly entertaining but not really funny. He mocks the Bombers on Rider Fans so he fits perfectly over there, Did you say something about looking around the handles, papazoola? How can you take this guy seriously when he is a Bomber hater wherever he posts.

lol, grow up and then come back when you want to discuss football.

Sure stick up for the biggest jerk on Bomber Forums everywhere. He's just loved on Morning Big Blue & TEP so much he got the boot from both. Maybe those 2 websites with all the members that post there should grow up too? I think a guy who puts disparaging & insulting nicknames up about everyone associated with the Bombers everywhere & is banned time & time again from site after site should grow up as well. Style/Nate wouldn't have the stones to call any player, coaches, scouts or GM those stupid nicknames to their faces so he's a real brave Internet Warrior, isn't he?

......What say you if I told you that Lyle was banned from as well, so keep up :lol: ...I'll admit Morris slides over the line at times, but wouldn't it be a boring place if all we tried to do was to remain politically correct and limit controversy...Tell it like you see it and let the chips fall where they may I say...If you don't like someone's take...don't read it...I'm not going to defend everything Lyle B. says...but I'm not going to dump on his right to say how he sees things and feels about the organization...Fair ball???

You can have a take without being insulting & degrading. I have no respect for Nate because all he does is call people names. Like I said, he does this behind the protection of a computer screen so he's a coward. People can say whatever they want as long as they're respectful. Banned at Our Bombers, Morning Big Blue, The Extra Point & now Riderfans?? Even they couldn't stand him in the end. You'd think by now he'd get the hint but I guess he can't buy a clue. LOL! :lol:

…Insulting and degrading…definitely not what I would do because that’s not my Style…BUT it is Lyles’s…AND I’ll try to be fair here… at times, quite frankly, I think some of his quips are quite laughable…AND I did say sometimes :wink:

Yeah, real funny to call Wade Miller "Wadzilla" as it is his way of commenting on Miller's weight. I thought this kind of behavior was bullying but it goes beyond that. As well as the insulting nicknames for other Bombers, he practically stalked Lyle Bauer online when he was Bombers GM. I applaud the fact he was banned from those sites & based on his track record I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens here eventually.

.....Look, you said your piece here and you're repeating yourself, we'll agree to disagree...IF Lyle wants to comment on someone's weight, or anyone else's he has that right...How you take it is up to you...I prefer to disregard physical remarks made about should do the same if it bothers you to that extent..Easy peasy. :wink: Now how about talking about Bomber football.

Sure but... would you like it if someone continually mocked you online by making fun of your weight or some other physical feature you may have? I have a feeling that you'd be upset & if so, how can you justify the disrespect Nate gives to members of the Bombers organization & other CFL people? How is that okay here but not elsewhere considering this forum is run on the official CFL website? I'm done on this but next time he posts something derogatory about someone & you think it's funny put yourself in the place of the individuals he mocks & ask yourself, is what he says really that funny?

The one commonality about these types - the mouth-breathers, nail-biters and other emotionally crippled that occasionally infest these sites is they really never talk about football. Their sole purpose is to incite flame wars and inflict wreckage on a very good site - or a solid thread about bomber possibilities in lieu of Nichols new ask. So by not paying them much heed - they eventually shrivel up and try to do same on other sites.

I think we had this same emotional cripple on stamps fan until he was warned first and then shut down by the owners!

You do talk football Lyle and you seem to know your stuff :thup: but to be honest, a lot of the time I don't bother reading your posts. It's too much to understand what you are saying AND figure out which new nickname belongs to who. If by posting here you want to be read and get feedback..well... you can do whatever you want. It's not just me that skips reading what you say.... Your above post proves you are a good communicator, even without the nicknames.

…I’ll interpret some of Lyles’ for you…and I’m doing this in a lighter vain Dan

field mouse…Kevin Glenn
vermin…not pertaining to anyone in particular , just lousy at what they do …
hobos…if you prefer ‘bums’, and players who really aren’t that good
jock sniffers…I’m not going to touch that one
vice president of standing around…now this one could apply to personnel on a lot of clubs
wadzilla…we know who this refers to

…Lyle has a lot more…some good …some bad…but you can never accuse Lyle of pulling any punches…lol… You have to do a lot of reading between the lines…I hope this helps Dan :slight_smile:

Or to simplify it even more, Lyle no Style is IQ51 reincarnated. If you're having trouble with the behind the keyboard toughness it tries to portray you can just go search some of IQ 51's posts and cross reference it's name calling that way to figure out who it's talking about.

So, he's calling Kevin Glenn a field mouse? That insinuates he's afraid like a coward? The guy has played in the CFL for 14 years & taken some hellacious hits & injuries yet he comes back everytime. How is that cowardly? He used to call Jim Daly the "White Zombie" taking his white hair into account & then insinuating that as a coach he's useless or mindless like a Zombie in the Walking Dead. Real nice. His insults towards Lyle Bauer when he was GM were absolutely pathetic. What a crock of garbage.
Why should I care how knowledgeable Nate is when like other poster said, you need some kind of code to understand what he's trying to say while making fun of people? How can that be even considered "knowledgeable"? I don't bother trying to plow through the rhetoric by reading his drivel here or anywhere else. I do however, notice the mocking of individuals when he posts a message with his stupid nicknames.
Football players, especially CFL players aren't millionaires yet they go onto the field & play their asses off for the fans. They deserve a lot of credit & respect for that even if they play for a team we don't happen to like. Some players suffer debillatating injuries that affect them for life when they're young like broken bones or torn joint ligaments. Others later in life from CTE & dementia which takes everything from them as a person. It seems very few walk away from the game unscathed in some way. Then there's Nate mocking players, coaches & GMs from behind a computer screen constantly which has been his shtick for years. It takes a pathetic person to be that bitter in life & to behave like that.

This emotional cripple who's launching nothing but bitter personal attacks outside the rules of is pretty much like country music - very formulaic. They write about just six things: mothers, prisons, pickup trucks, trains, farms and God.

"Since they took me mother off to prison
Life down on the farm ain't been the same.
Now they've done and let her out the jail house
She drove her goddam truck into a train."

Straight to number one. :cowboy:

.....I think trips, that Lyle is referring to Glenns stature,not his playing ability and all I can say about your next take is...'fire Jim Daly'....they did and so did we :wink:

You've been crippled your entire adult life. If you don't like personal attacks then stop doing it here with your nicknames. I find it comically ironic how you don't seem to like it. So, right back at ya, Nate. I'm not saying you can't have an opinion as you can but try doing it by not making it all about you. I'll keep coming after you everytime you do.

That's what emotional cripples do. They lash out at other posters, seldom if ever commenting on the topics at hand. They get their joy from slashing tires and keying cars. At least until they get banned.

The other purpose of the emotionally crippled troll farmer is to act up and try to get others banned by virtue of flame wars. I have no interest whatsoever in flame wars - its a pretty solid way to get banned.

If you don't have anything other to do than to flame & troll - you're on the wrong soapbox, radio-boy! :cowboy:

Hopefully we get Nichols signed in the 250-300,000 range.I think he can be a pretty serviceable QB.Not spectacular by any means but I think he could take us to the promised land with a solid team around him but 450 seems like alot for him.If he is starting at 450 I imagine he will negotiate down a fair bit.

The fear in bomber camp is NOT the 450 figure (that's Nichol's agent starting point) but losing him period. Montreal needs a mentor for their highly-touted rookie QB (who's probably not drawing a big-time salary) and even Toronto could easily make room for Nichols at the $330 to $350k range - heck all they have to do is dump Drew Willy and his supposedly $411k salary!

To me that's the range for Nichols $325 to $365k - even Corky Jones could make a play on Matt if he's certain Darian Durant ain't biting at current bait.

While Willy is now labelled a career washout - Durant has had a great little career - the bombers would be crazy not to bring him in if they lose Nichols :cowboy: