Lawless: Ellingson re-signs with Ottawa

Yeah if the defender wouldn't have tripped on his own shoelaces, we wouldn't be talking about that simple/everyday catch like it was the greatest catch of all time. Ellington had absolutely no one challenging him on that catch and yes he did have to run for TD but nothing spectacular!!! I have seen that replay many times and it just makes me ill that the defence collapsed as it did. Nothing more.

Ever consider that maybe Ellingson - as good as he's been in Ottawa - didn't fit well in the complicated Austin/Condell offense which could explain why he spent some time sitting on the IR even when he was healthy. I'm happy that they kept Tasker who until last season has proved to be very durable and also sure-handed.

Being one of the better teams in the league where 1 year contracts are the new norm is that you're going to lose players. it happens.
Bakari Grant is a good receiver, but ill bet Tyms turns out to be just as good. Ellingson was a trade off for Tasker, and Sink went to the NFL.
Nothing in that sequence seems out of place at all.