Lawless: Ellingson re-signs with Ottawa

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And Austin sits on his hands........

What was he supposed to do? Free agency hasn’t started.

Austin is a QB first guy, I believe. He KNOWS the importance of good receivers but he also believes that a great QB can make a good receiver great.

I expect 4- 6 US wide receivers from smaller schools to be here for camp (and maybe an NFL fell-through-the-cracks) kind of guy. WR’s and running backs/kick returners seem to be thought of a ‘dime a dozen’ guys in the CFL. The football factory down south keeps turning out good ones and occasionally a good one turns out great at our game when they get up here.

Maybe there is a reason for Austin's lack of interest. He did let him go to Ottawa in the first place and there must have been reason. So just because there is someone on FA list we'd all like to have, there are reasons why the TiCat brass isn't interested. Trust my friends!!!!

We have plenty of examples with my Argos, but Ellingson is the one that got away for you guys.
Great route runner with even better hands.

Ellingson's problem in Hamilton wasn't his hands. He just couldn't stay healthy for the 2 years that he was here. :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

And also because they found this receiver by the name of Luke Tasker to fill in. Obviously Tasker has performed very well too.

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#CFL sources say #RedBlacks met Greg Ellingson's asking price. Two-year deal worth 210K per season.

Gotta admit..that's a helluva chunk change for an import receiver that with great routes and great hands is still slower than an accidental drop of water in a bag of cement mix.

I'll take Tasker, he is shorter and has less arm span, but I feel has the sharper football mind to make up for limitations in physical prowess.

I'll put it this way whether you agree or not, Tasker can make an Julian Edelman catch because he is a focused son of a gun.

Ellingson is a good reciever yes. but tasker over him any day, ottawa is gonna have a tough time paying Ernest Jackson or anyone else with that colossal 210k Ellingson's getting per season. good for Ellingson for getting that money but what's left on the table for the rest of the WR's?

You're assuming they stick to the salary cap. I've always been suspicious of how they managed to go out and sign four star free agent receivers in the same year, followed by adding a second "starting" QB the next year in Harris.

Dumping Burris' salary will help them this year, but if they manage to re-sign Jackson and Williams again, I'm officially going to pout.

Ellingson is faster and we could argue about who has the better hands. Ellingson has the stats to back him up too and made some clutch catches including that memorable 015 East Final last minute catch and long run. And he’s stayed injury free in two years in Ottawa - I would say he’s worth all of the 210k, that’s half of Burris’s salary, so they do have room to re-sign Jackson too.

A reminder what Ellingson can do

Ah yes. Here he is using his super-power repulsor field! :smiley:

Oh, how I hate watching that video .....over ..... and over ..... and over.

Greg says he's where he wants to be:

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Desjardin's comments on him, I'd say, are right on.

I'm sure that was a factor, but also that we had a log jam at the position at that time, I believe we had Fantuz, Tolliver, Sinkfield, Grant, Tasker and Ellingson. Something had to give.

it would have been Tasker or Ellingson, at the time I think we made the right choice.

Hmmm -- something had to give.

That may be true, but doesn't explain why Sinkfield, Grant ,and Ellingson are all now on different Teams.

I believe in giving, but SO MUCH to give?

And we got what in return?

Oh, and let's not forget that 'other' receiver we dropped - Quincy McDuffie, who seems to be playing quite well in the Peg.

I'm blaming Management on this one - seems 'you don't know what you've got, till it's gone'.

The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Slight Correction :
Actually that would be Quincy McDuffie , who played so well in the Peg that he got signed by the Dallas Cowboys. :cowboy:
But yup , gotta agree with ya , all that talent gone and NOTHING to show for it. :cry:

At the time, they weren't stars. Williams, maybe, but not the other three. It helped that Sinopoli is a (more or less) local guy.

Also, they lost a lot of players last year due to not wanting to overpay. Capicciotti, Shologan and Jovon Johnson were the biggest examples. Jovon Johnson now claims that they refuse to pay their DBs. So it's not like they're just throwing money around. Aside from Harris last year, their free agent haul was pretty ordinary and that included a local guy too in Gillanders.