Law against NFL in Canada

Correct me if i'm wrong, but i seem to rememeber reading a book about the CFL a few years ago and in it there was reference to a law that was writin in the seventies that outlawed the NFL in canada.

i just got off the phone with a friend that read the same book and he recalls the same story..ill try and find the book in amoungst all the crap in my basement and get back to ya all

Don't need a law. NFL ain't coming here. They have no reason to come here.

When the second largest city in the US (Los Angeles) doesn't have an NFL team, why would they even consider giving one to Toronto?

The Sky Dump (sorry, Rogers Centre (of the universe?)) is woefully inadequate as a potential NFL stadium, so not only would you have to pay big bucks ($500,000,000.00 - $1,000,000,000.00) (that's a lot of zeros) for an expansion franchise, but you would also have to build a 60,000 to 70,000 seat stadium with hundreds of skyboxes.

Even with the NFL's licence to print money (TV deal, etc.) it wouldn't make economic sense, I believe, even in the long term.

But hey, I work for a living, so what do I know?

there was a law to block the world football league from coming to toronto in 1973 or 74. the toronto northmen went to memphis (memphis southmen) with leo cahill as head coach

A law against the NFL expanding into Canada?

Who's book was that written in? Rick Mercer?

The NAFTA lawyers may beg to differ. This isn't China, yet.

Ockham, it's true. Old farts like me can recall the Federal government preventing the WFL from establishing a team in Toronto. I don't remember if they drafted a law specifically to do it or they invoked one that was already on the books but they did stop the WFL from putting a team here. John Bassett the Toroanto publishing magnate was to be the owner.

I wonder if that law is still on the books?

An Argo fan

Barneyfife, you an “old fart” never would have known by your handle! Yes there was some legal action against the “Toronto Northmen” coming to Canada. Cahil was to be the Coach (?) They had signed Kick, Czonka, and I think Warfield to play. So much for the Dolphins! Whatever the law passed was, it did discourage them from coming here. Might still be on the books.

By the way Barnefife, for an Argo fan, you are one of the best contributors to this site, cheers.

The WFL...the did they make out?

Looks like they failed even without government intervention.

Sounds like something the NDP would dream up and present it at their convention.

The law enforces that the NFL can not monopolize the sport of (pro) football in Canada with CFL would be the current alternative.

From what I remember the bill was never passed. Instead of waiting for the slow process of government to play out, the Northmen fled for Memphis, and the bill died. Thus there is no law barring the NFL from coming to Canada.

There is no law restricting the NFL from coming to Canada, but there is language that does not allow the NFL to monopolize the pro football market in Canada.

Now that brings up the debate:

If the NFL did come to Canada (Toronto) would the CFL survive without Toronto and Hamilton (assuming the CFL would lose Hamilton too)? - No

Would Big business and marketing flee from the CFL to the NFL? - Yes

Would the CFL function without teams in Ontario (or in any other provice for that matter)? - No

And would the NFL allow Toronto to take clients away from southern Ontario from the Bills? - No

So without out the CFL lasting, the NFL can't exist in Canada.

Would the CFL survive without Hamilton and Toronto? No.

Would the NFL coming to Toronto mean there would be no CFL teams in Hamilton and/or Toronto? This doesn’t necessarily follow.

Would Big business and marketing flee from the CFL to the NFL? - Yes
Some would. But just as the Toronto Star and Etobicoke Guardian have sponsors (even some of the same ones!), the NFL and CFL would both (continue to) have sponsors. Right now the city of Toronto has an NHL hockey, NBA basketball, ML Baseball, AHL hockey, NLL Lacrosse and (starting next year) MLS Soccer teams. Oh yeah, and a CFL football team. They all seem to have carved out a niche.
Would the CFL function without teams in Ontario (or in any other provice for that matter)? - No
I had trouble parsing this.

Would it function without teams in any province - definitely not – the territories just can’t support the CFL on their own.

After they called our soldiers terrorists.

At the sake of consistency, I’m willing to support this law (if it exists). What the heck. It’s a boring and over-hyped form of entertainment so maybe it’s in the best interests of all Canadians to keep it out of the country.

Now if only we could do the same with Jim Rome.