Laval's Record - QC Expansion

Laval's record since 2000 (Their first season was in 1996)
2000 : 8-0
2001: 5-3
2002: 6-2
2003: 7- 1
2004: 7-1
2005: 8-0
2006: 7-1
2007: 8-0
2008: 8-0
2009: 7-1
2010: 9-0
2011: 8-1
2012: 8-1
2013: 8-0
2014: 7-1
2015: 7-1
2016: 7-1
2018: 8-0
2019: 7-1
2020 -----Season cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic
2021: 5-3
Totals 161-42 0.793 (Since 1996)

17 first-place finishes

15 Dunsmore Cup championships

Ten Vanier Cup championships

Very high bar set for a CFL expansion team. lol

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No wonder no one watches

Heh, yeah that’s true. There are a lot of Laval grads playing in the league. Perhaps the league should be doing more to remind QC fans of that fact.


Yes indeed.

"As of the end of the 2021 CFL season, 17 former Rouge et Or players are on CFL teams’ rosters:


Any league
People do tend to watch winners

But that strong a sports program screams they are prime for expansion and only strengthens my belief they should be 10th team

Heck Laval is outdrawing the Argos
Nuf said


Quebec City would be the more logical choice for a CFL franchise for several reasons but more specifically the fact that PEPS/Telus stadium can house approximately 20,000 with temps with nearly 13,000 of those as permanent seats.
The bells and whistles may be lacking but those could be added at a later date if so desired.

Alas, absent Jacques Tanguay’s iron fist as Director/Founder of Rouge et Or, Quebec City may have already had a franchise as there were a couple of suitors willing to pony funds in order to upgrade Telus Stadium to CFL specs a decade or so ago.

Imagine a double header on the slate with QC-blanks vs Alouettes with the undercard Rouge et Or vs Montreal Carabins.

Dare to dream….