Laval versus Argos at Moncton.

If you gave the Rouge et Or a couple of touchdowns against the spread, do you think it might beat the good ship Argonaut, in its current incarnation?

Would you pay to see it?

No and No :slight_smile:

no, but I’d pay to see a top NCAA team smoke the Argos.

Wouldn’t be a good look for the league though.

Gimmie a break that would never happen.
Just like any No Fun League team playing our teams with our rules.
We win every time.

Not even close. Would be an absolute beating.

There has been talk of Laval leaving CIS to join division 2 US .

Maybe a exhibition game of them playing a top ranked division 2 school would be
a good sell in Quebec .

The basketball CIS program and Carleton has played top teams in NCAA and have been very competitive . Were talking highly ranked schools in the country .

Not sure why our CIS football falls so far behind . My thoughts are positional coaching and time practicing maybe but the all star team in the Can-AM bowl 1978 and 1979 wasn’t that far behind years ago and the US had Division 1 guys at the time to play the Canadian rules . They were beat but Bob Cameron was the QB and was picked off a few times . Ben Zambiasi from Georgia made a 10 yard interception for a TD .

The score was 22 -7 loss the Canadian boys did well against div 1 guys in the pouring rain in Tamp Bay .

The next year was 34 - 14 loss. Crowds were about 11,000 both years .

Maybe some better organized game would be a good turn out here instead of Tampa Bay .

I would watch and hope our guys put up a good fight .

Sorry, I must be mis-reading.

Are you suggesting we beat a NFL team using our rules?

You are not misreading.
Our rules we win every time, their crappy rules they win.
It’s simple.

Speaking of dumb ideas, how about if the Argos played a high school team with a 4 touchdown lead and they started the clock at the 3 minute warning in the fourth quarter?

Would you accept payment to watch? :wink:

In the sixties and seventies the NFL played the U.S. college all-stars. There was a line on the game and it favoured the pros by seventeen points.

Imagination, people.

Maybe the Argos destroy the Rouge et Or, and maybe that re-energizes the organization.

But maybe Laval plays David to Goliath.

I would be very interested, especially if I got Laval and points.

By this crazy logic, how about a Division 3 team beating an NFL team?
Anything is possible, but highly improbable.

There’s nothing so crazy as thinking Toronto can put ten thousand fans in the seats.

So, hey, let’s maintain the status quo, right? And keep hearkening to the NFL as the perfect model for football in Toronto.

So, what’s crazier? Pro football in Toronto, or the Rouge et Or whip the Argos?

The all stars actually won a few games against the champs of the NFL . Then later the NFL winner was just getting too strong for the all stars . Pride was not allowing it to be for fun .

It was a game that went to charity and I think that bottom line was what made the game acceptable .I think from memory it was always played in Chicago .

Maybe an all star CIS team would be the way to go against a rotational CFL team over 9 years if the gate went to charity . The CFL team most likely would not play too many first stringers and the charity game would be a marketing and goodwill game that could be televised each year before the exhibition season starts to spark interest in the CIS /U sports and the CFL .

The Boston Bruins played a club team from Ireland . They played many of the first guys too and it wasn’t a complete blow out like you think . It seems to work for the NHL to help with interest internationally .

Many second and third stringers would be playing for jobs lets say the Argos did play the CIS Allstars . I doubt Ricky Ray for example would play more than one series . You might see the third string and forth string QB maybe the fifth string at that point of training camp . My feeling is would the CFL clubs allow there prospects in the CIS already drafted and in camp suit up for the all star game with the high risk of injury when playing this game . I would because its training and evaluation at the higher level . You got to play sometime .

For me I would like to see the all-star CIS QB’s like O’connor with an Allstar CIS line see if they can push back a little against the stereotype . The CFL team must dress and start half Canadians and I think the game might be actually fun to watch .

When you make them dress and start the half Canadians it will help that one team assess their players on the nat side who might not necessarily get to play beyond the annual game where the team splits in two and plays themselves .

CFL fans are a special bunch :slight_smile:

No one can pay me enough to watch that match up.

The 1975 game between the Steelers and the all-star college team .Steelers 21 College Allstars 14 .

NZ All Blacks vs Argos - CFL rules (except, no rouge, no pass interference calls) All Blacks spot the Argos 17 pts. All tickets (@ Rogers) $183.00 No TV time outs.

Offer trip special from NZ - $35,000. incl. flight and game ticket, 3 nights stay at Pearson Airport, 2 beer tickets and free tailgate invitation. (Limit trip special to 1st 420 bookings.

Pretty impressive given that the Steelers won the Super Bowl that year.

Old Roughrider QB Bob Ptacek played in this (not the 1975 edition) game. He would later go on to be part of one of the few CFL-NFL trades in history.

Some more background on the Chicago Charities College All-Star Game, played from 1934 til 1976.

Final NFL record, btw, was 31–9–2.