Laval Stadium rejected

The proposal to build a CFL stadium in Quebec city has been rejected by the federal Gov't according to statements on The TSN site. Federal Minister Lawrence Canon stated the Federal Gov't will not be funding CFL stadiums. He further stated I've said no to Winnipeg. I'm not going to fund footbal stadiums. This news should once and for all, put to rest the Asper proposal, which appears dead. Unless Asper is willing to pay the whole shot to build a new stadium the proposal is dead. The subject of ownership should now revert back to community ownership.

Good point housedog, at 2-7 the team can be a focal point to rally around now without distraction. Playoffs are in order.

Laval may have been rejected...BUT according to todays free press a huge amount of cash has been signed over to the provincial govt. for infrastructure....floodway work...roads...sewer and water up-grades...the most money Manitoba has seen in a very long time....It seems to me you might have been a little premature about the cancellation of the Asper plan ...because Toews went on to say that there is 1.2 billion sitting in public-private initiatives that 'could be used' for the iAspers venture and that the U.OF M. SITE IS STILL VERY MUCH IN THE PICTURE...It went on to say that an announcement for the Asper deal 'could' be made shortly.....I would hardly think that the new stadium for the Peg is shot-down yet....we'll see... :wink:

Federal government nixes proposal

to build CFL-ready site
at Laval university


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The federal government wouldn't subsidize a stadium
for professional sports at Laval University.

They did announce a $37.5-million contribution
to Laval University’s $85-million sports complex.

However the head of Laval University

refused to modify the project

to allow for the stadium’s expansion
to attract a CFL franchise.

Papa the money allocated from the FEDS is for sewer and road repairs only. There is some money for private intiatives. But on OB today they were saying that was a very long shot that Asper would get any. As well many Federal politicians are against funding CFL stadiums as was announced by Lawrence Cannon. Many do not want any taxpayer money given to a rich brat.That being said we are also gearing up for a Federal election. The Asper deal/collusion is over. this has been a major distraction all year. The time has come to look at other proposals such as Leos idea and strip Bauer of his robes. It may also be time for the BODs to resign and a new board appointed to enhance community ownership.

...NEVER-THE-LESS....i would like to remind you there's a an election going on...Strange things happen...and IF you believe a politician.....negative or positive...i have a bridge i'd like to sell ya...and that includes Mr. lol....stay-tuned...In the end i'll believe that a new facility will happen for the Peg...when the shovels are in the ground....and that 'could be' in the very near future ... keep the faith dog...and don't put too much stock in politicians and their statements.... :wink: