Laval Rouge et Or

Toronto Star, Insight Section page IN3

" How thinking outside the gridiron created a football power house". The Star features a full page outlining the success at Laval. This is a great football story. Laval games are featured by the French CBC including today's game at 1PM.

U of Montreal beat them today, and now play the winner of Calgary and Manitoba to go to the Vanier Cup.

The mighty have fallen to Danny Macioca and his Carabins. Felicitations.

I would like to congratulate the Carabins and their fans for unhorsing Laval, at their home stadium no less. Being from Hamilton, and seeing Mac do it at the Vanier brought a smile to my lips. Hopefully McMaster and you guys make it to the Vanier. All the best vs Calgary.

Les Carabins viennent de réussir un bel exploit, et il est à souhaiter que les autres équipes du RSEQ pourront elles aussi rehausser leur niveau de jeu pour se rapprocher de l'excellence des 2 premières.

Looking at the CIS and its development from the time I left Quebec, back in 1971, I noted the emergence of the Laval football team with a passion. I was delighted with the team's first Vanier Cup victory and, have been a fan to this date. As a youngster in Monreal it was evident that Canadian football was essentially an English game in. Back in the early sixties the English indeed were the great majority of the Alouette supporters. Looking at the football scene from Niagara, I was pleased to learn, over subsequent years, of the interest in football of French speaking fans. I followed the entry of Laval into the CIS, becoming a great fan of the Rouge et Or, delighting in its many championship years in the CIS. Over the years I have visited Montreal, taken in an Alouette game and, became personally aware of the majority of French speaking fans following the team.This is how it should be.
From Ontario I have continued to take in the Laval games via Radio Canada with Laval being my team of choice. I have reveled At the great numbers of Laval players who have emerged from this Quebec to play leading roles in the CFL. A couple of weeks back I again turned to Radio Canada hoping Laval would win another Vanier Cup. This was not to be as the team from the University of Montreal, in a thrilling overtime finish took the victory, just a step away, hopefully, for another Quebec run at the Vanier Cup. The Quebec CIS conference is a strong football federation and, I have enjoyed its competence in the CIS. We truly do have a national football experience composed of the two founding peoples of our great country.

[i]Johnny is bittersweet about Montreal Carabins beating le Rouge et or. Johnny agrees with everything that Jean Charles Marchand said about the Rouge et or. So, he is happy to see them taken down.

But, It is a Maciocia coached team that did it. Even when you win you lose :roll: [/i]

DaGioDanni, DagioDanni, DagioDanni.
La meilleure sauce a Spaghetti a Montreal
C'est...... DaGioDanni !

U.Of M.s Uteck Bowl victory probably ensures a Vanier Cup sellout, much needed for Mr. Wetenhalls pocket book after last week`s semi-final attendance.

I enjoyed watching both games today. I was pulling for MacMaster to win, as they did very convincingly. They have a very strong receiver who was their strength along with a good defense. Weather helping I hope the two teams draw a good crowd for the Vanier Cup game. U of M looked good. Their QB Cousineau must have thrown over 400 yards. The weather is now pouring rain here. Usually you guys get our weather the next day. I just hope you'll miss the rain. I was pleased to see both games today. I believe we'll have a couple of these guys playing in the CFL next year.

I am not surprised by the results in both those games. The Championship game this year was really the Dunsmore Cup. Montreal should win convincingly next weekend.

Uhh...McMaster is not a team you can look past. There is a reason Mac is ranked 3rd in the league. I will agree though, Home field advantage is going to be big for this one. The one thing though Mac does have going for it, is that they have players who have been to the show two and three years back.