Laval Football

The CIS Laval football team game was broadcast by the CBC French Toronto on sunday. The team did play some sunday games last year. This CIC team might be televised in Ontario on the above named TV station.

Yep, the French CBC is airing the Laval vs Bishop game right now. I’m flipping between that and Laurier vs Western on The Score. :thup:

That's wild. I didn't know that the CBC is covering it. I'll have to tune in for just a little while next time.

I think it's a joke that Laval games arn't broadcast nationally by The Score, Sportsnet or TSN....or ANYONE! Laval is the best football team in the country and they should get far more coverage than just in Quebec.

Could be the best team but for advertisers, until CIS players become nationally renowned, local teams get better ad buys. Thus the regional (or in some cases local) coverage.

This team could get some Notre Dame treatment.

ABOUT TIME!!!! :thup: