Laurier Wins VC

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Congrats to Laurier Golden Hawks!

So, GC in a close match and so does the VC, 2 great games back to back! Good job Canada! you guys should be prond!

Unfortunately, I didn't see the game, so I'm gonna sit back, relax and enjoy the comments.

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I know this is old news, but I just found this out. I should have looked then, but I forgot cuz I'm a idiot.

Congrats to the 2005 Canadian bowl champions.


Yep.....congrats to Laurier - it was a good beat my Huskies.....two years in a row we've lost in the final now.....Billy_Soup is gonna be ripped about this one.....

Shoot! Was this game on TV?

3pm EST on TSN.

Darn, I missed it. I had a hair appointment at 3:15 and then I had to help my dad put up the Christmas lights. DARN!

I wanted to see the game, but my roommate has shanghaied his TV into his room :slight_smile: (he's a good guy though, so it's OK).

Anyway, good for the Hawks, they've been so close to coming over the hump, glad to see they finally did it!

does the Canadian Bowl get any air time on TSN or CBC?

Congratulations Laurier!!!! What a close game and great finish.

Billy Soup is going to have to change his posts where he is always saying how much better the west division is all the time! Although Saskatchewan are a great team.

Congrats Laurier.

Ya I am pretty ripped up about this. I still think we had the better team, but we lost fair and square. It was one hell of a game. I feel really bad for some of those 5th year guys. I think there is 12 of them, so this year was the last chance for them.
I definetly underestimated Lauirier. They did a lot of things well to hold us off the board. Ya pretty pissed off about this, but hey whatever.
And Als_Molson, I still stand by the west division being better. There were no 70-1 games in can west this year, or ever in my recolection. The teams are a lot closer matched.

I think its funny that there are two Huskies, Sakatchewan Huskies, and St. Mary's Huskies (in Halifax.) Both seem to have good football teams, al though St Marys didn't do well this year. I think ,unfortunatly, their streak may be ending.

Billy,please do not ever cheer for the Argos.It seems like every team you cheer for looses. I wonder who I was cheering for!!!!

yeah, in a small college league like the CIS is very noticeable

However, in the NCAA, their are several teams with the same nickname.

no bigger here, though the CIS could have one changed their name to be an example, but whatever, it's fine the way it is now.

Give him a break, mate! he did well in the VGCC regular season, so BS still knows how to pick them, even though he's a bloody pick to me abou everything.

Was at the game with the wife, what a game! Nice to be able to go to a game in the cold here in Hamilton this year, a beer in hand watching two great college teams go at it. Great excitement, cheering for Laurier but felt sort of sorry for the Huskies.
After watching this game and the Grey Cup and, of course, just about all the CFL games on TV and all the TiCat games in person, and now watching the NFL, wow, I really find the 4 down game, 40 sec. clock very slow and tedious. I love football, both versions, but our game rocks the slow version down south all to hel*!

Right on Earl! Enjoyed the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup. Sure enjoyed them better than any NFL game. Although I will watch NFL to pass the time.

Congrats to Laurier. And Congrats to all those fans who braved the snow and cold to support CIS ball!